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Fun (and Super-Easy!) DIY Classroom Valentines

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Are you looking for last-minute ideas for classroom valentines? We’ve got you covered with these easy DIY options!


An ad for these free Valentine’s printables showed up in my Facebook feed a couple of weeks ago, and I totally fell in love. I think they’re especially perfect because there’s no reference to love (a pet peeve of mine when it comes to kids and Valentine’s Day). You can get cars like these from Spritz, in Target’s party favor section or via Amazon. One more thing: when you download the printables, you’ll actually get four different cards to choose from, so if you’re not wheelie into these, there are three more options.

apple valentines

My kid’s school has a blanket ban on food gifts, so she can’t do these, but I so wish she could! The printable is available from Etsy, so all you have to do it is buy, download it, and print it. Enlist your kid’s help with cutting out the apples (if you’re not a perfectionist) and attaching them to some the applesauce pouches.


Crazy straws are so much fun—even as a grown-up, I find them hard to resist! Go ahead and make these awesome printable valentines and be sure to make an extra one for the teacher. If they’re anything like me, they’ll enjoy taking the straw home and drinking a yummy treat through it.


Oh my goodness! These cards are amazing! You can download the portrait template (for free), and let your little artist go to town drawing individual portraits of their classmates. The template has the frame, and inside the frame is a blank head with shoulders. This gives kids an inspirational start as they customize their friends’ portraits and create a truly unique card.

emoji valentines

The emoji trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so why not give into it in the form of this adorable printable with emoji pins? The printable is free, and you can find a 48-pack of pins at Amazon.

superhero valentines

Emojis aren’t your kid’s jam? Check out these fun pop art superhero printables! You can download the PDF, print out the cards, and deliver them as-is, or you can add fun coordinating pins and give each of your child’s classmates a little gift.

lego valentines

These LEGO valentines are awesome for your LEGO fans to share with their friends! Plus, using molds to make the crayons is a great way to use up broken crayons and leftover crayons from restaurants. (Did you know that they usually throw the crayons away, regardless of whether they’ve been used? Take those suckers home and use them in arts and crafts!) If making crayon mini-figures or bricks is more DIY than you’re up for, you can also attach treat bags of LEGO-inspired candy treats.


With American Girl’s launch of their 2018 Girl of the Year, aspiring astronaut Luciana Vega, I feel like space and STEM posts have been all over my social media. My daughter has a new-found interest in space (probably in part to reading about ballerina/quantum physicist Merritt Moore in Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Volume 2), and I’m going to ride this as long as I can. Enter NASA’s printable valentines! Attach something fun like make-your-own-solar-system sticker kits and you’ve got a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

valentines with oranges

I don’t know anyone whose kids don’t love those tiny Cutie oranges—except mine, who’s been on strike for about a year now. So weird. Anyway, for everyone else out there, check out this cute little valentine. You can find treat bags locally at dollar stores, craft stores, grocery stores, and big box stores (pick them up when you get your oranges!), or you can order them via Amazon.

valentine bookmarks

You might think that suggesting bookmarks as a Valentine’s Day gift would make me a very uncool mom. However, despite the fact that my kid doesn’t read chapter books on her own yet, she loves bookmarks, and so do many of her classmates. Our school’s book fair just ended, too, so I know there are lots of new books running around, making this printable one that’s actually useful—hooray!

scratch off valentines

How fun are these scratch-off valentines?! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a scratch-off sticker until I came across this craft, but now I’m wondering what other fun I could have with them. And I was going to cleverly suggest that your child include a penny with their card, but the valentines creator beat me to it; be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post for more delivery suggestions.

PS: Not all of the valentine printables have a spot for your child’s name on them. Be sure to have your child sign their name on their Valentine’s cards so that there are no mystery cards in anyone’s Valentine’s Day mail. No need to start any secret admirer drama, eh?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.