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Fun Travel-Size Games For Children

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Today we’re talking all about fun travel games for kids! My family and I went on countless road trips when I was younger and I remember my mom always packing a bag full of games and treats for my sister and I to entertain us while we were cooped up in the backseat. Long car rides, flights, train rides, any time you and your kids are traveling, it can be a challenge to keep the kids entertained. Unless you want to hear “Are we there yet?” every five minutes, it’s important to pack accordingly. These ten travel games are sure to be a hit with your kids! They come at great prices, are suitable for a wide age range, and will keep your kids busy!

trip tracker book

Trip Tracker. This fun trip tracker is the perfect way for your kids to keep track of your trip while you’re on it. It includes ideas for activities, games, songs, and more! Retail- $3.36

guess who game

Travel Guess Who Game. Remember this classic Hasbro game? This miniature Guess Who game gets you to choose a card a person, and try to be the first person to guess who your opponent has! Retail- $5.85

hangman game

Travel Hangman. Hangman is the perfect game for children of all ages because the concept is easy and anyone can learn to play fast! This version is ideal for car trips! Retail- $12.99

connect four
Photo Source: Amazon

Connect Four. Connect Four is a game of strategy for two people, and this convenient, self-contained storage case doubles as the game grid, so you can set it up and start playing wherever you are. Be it a car, plane, or train! Retail- $8.69

hungry hungry hippos
Photo Source: Hasbro

Travel Hungry Hippo Game. Here’s a great one for the wee little kids! Hungry hippo is sure to be a new travel favorite! Feed the hungry hippos and have fun while doing it. Retail- $10.39

license plate game
Photo Source: Melissa And Doug

License Plate Travel Game. I’m sure you’ve all played a version of this at some point while traveling. Keep track of all the out of state license plates you find with this fun game! Retail- $19.99

Photo Source: Best Buy

Mastermind. This game of thinking, logic, and challenge now comes in a travel form! Be the first to guess your opponents color scheme! Retail- $18.99

chess game

Travel Chess. Teach your little smarties the challenging game of chess! This travel board folds and all the pieces can easy be stored inside. The pieces are also magnetic so they stick to the board instead of falling all over your moving vehicle. Retail- $11.99

water wow game

Water Wow. Water Wow is an activity book that includes reusable pages and a refillable water pen. Use the pen to fill in each activity, from coloring in counters to tracing numbers, and see hidden colors and pictures appear with every stroke. You can also get these for shapes, letters, and more. Retail- $4.99

simon says
Photo Source: Game Board Geek

Simon Says. The good old game of Simon says, but in electronic form and perfect for traveling. Four lights will light up in a specific order, do your best to remember them and repeat them back! Retail- $22.99

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dress up games

Tuesday 4th of February 2014

yeah the children and the girls like to wear and play the colorful and the most new kinds of dresses. Today the girls and children have the opportunity to play and enjoy the dress up games online. which have so much fun and so much enjoyment.

Mums Lounge

Friday 31st of January 2014

I loved the games "guess who"and "Simon says" as a child, this post was like a blast from my past. We play a game of counting cars with out young ones. They each pick a colour and they have too see how many of there car colour we pass. SO much fun.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.