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  1. The fun part about donations, is you could ask that it still be wrapped, that way there is still a presents part of the celebration. And really, isn’t the best part of many gifts the activity of unwrapping?

  2. We’ve done this with both of our kid’s first and second birthday. Almost no one paid any attention to our request, even when it was printed on the invitation as ‘no gifts, please’. It’s hard to be irritated by people wanting to celebrate your little one, but I do wish they would honor our wishes. We will likely request it again this year, and we’ll see how it goes.

  3. We’ve been invited to a couple of these, and they’ve gone well. The invitations have clearly read “Your presence is your present!” At which point I followed up with a phone call to make sure. I like the idea of having a gift for donation though, so people are allowed to bring something. I think the whole thing is a great idea for the “friends” party. Family can do gifts privately at a separate time which I’m sure would be more than enough gifts for any birthday. – great article, thank you!

  4. I did try this once, and unfortunately, people completely ignored it. I had asked guests to bring a donation for our local humane society, and only one guest did it. It was for my daughter’s first birthday. She’s always been spoiled by our family and friends. They watched us struggle with infertility for years, and finally adopt this beautiful baby girl, and I think they just enjoy celebrating it by spoiling her. I can’t get mad at that!

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