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Mom’s Response to Getting Tubes Tied

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We’ve all been asked awkward questions while pregnant. Something about pregnancy seems to enlighten strangers and well-meaning acquittances alike.

Just this pregnancy a grocery checker has asked me if I’m having twins (no) and followed with, “Are you sure?” (yes, very sure). Another retail person wanted to know if my due date is right because there is no way I can be THAT big already (yes, and if you really want to get personal, I know the exact day we conceived this baby, so yeah, due date is correct, thanks for asking and confirming that I both look and feel like a whale in my second trimester).

According to Facebook and Instagram mama, @strollinwithmyhomies, she too has had a rough run in with strangers whilst shopping.

What is it about the grocery store, an already difficult errand with children in tow, that makes people want to get up in your preggo business?

Here’s Strollin With My Homies story

While at the meat counter, making small talk, the butcher got personal and asked the expecting mom, “You gonna get your tubes tied then?” after observing how close together her children were.

She was speechless. Obviously. Because… really???

“My reproductive health is NOT your business. My family size is NOT your business. My birth control is NOT your business. And the only thing you should be asking a pregnant woman or any woman for that matter is can I help you or.. do you want the lean ground beef. What if she asks someone who’s struggling to build a family? What if she asks someone who is pregnant with their rainbow baby. Or what if she asks the wrong pregnant lady. I text my friend and she said go ask her if she has any more sausage and that’s exactly what I did.”

You can read her entire rant post tubes tied comment here and the 100+ comment conversation that ensued. It is hilarious, on point, and filled with powerful words of wisdom from a mom who gets it.

To date her viral rant has been shared almost 600 times so you know she’s not the only one who is ready for pregnancy comments to stop at things like “You look amazing!” Period. End of discussion.

Her concluding statement was my favorite though, exactly what the world needs to hear whether you’re talking to a pregnant mama or ANYONE ELSE. Strollin With My Homies wrote,

“Moral of the story: mind your own uterus. Think for 5 seconds before you let garbage slip out of your mouth. We don’t know each other’s stories and never will unless we feel like sharing them. Stop asking people ridiculous questions like this. No it’s not twins. Yes I have my hands beautifully full. Yes I know how this happens (it’s not from BJs) Yes I know I’m huge. And yes I know it’s none of your business. #EVER.”

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.