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Handmade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and today we’re talking handmade gifts for Dad! While store bought gifts are all fun and dandy, handmade gifts are creative and come straight from the heart (and hands) of your little ones!


fathers day

Photo Source: Family Fun


Handprints. Press your children’s handprints into cement, trace them and have them decorate it, or paint them. A special keepsake like this will be cherished forever. Activity Village has a list of tons of different ideas for handprint crafts, many of which would be perfect for Father’s Day.

-Family Portrait. Have your little artists draw a family portrait or a portrait of Daddy. Frame it for him.


Photo Source: Martha Stewart

-Cards. Do it up simple this year by having your kids skip the Hallmark cards and instead, design their very own. Have your children cut and color something special for Dad and don’t forget to include a nice personal message inside. Homemade cards are my favorite and they will be saved and cherished forever. Martha Stewart has lots of great ideas for Father’s Day cards that you can try this year!

-Pottery. Check out places like Color Me Mine to create a one of a kind art piece for Dad. Create and paint a plate or frame for him or anything else you think he’d like. You can easily Google search for a paint or pottery studio near your area to get started!


Photo Source: Make And Takes

-Macaroni Art. Nothing says love like macaroni, right? Make Dad a picture, a necklace, anything goes with macaroni! Here is a tutorial from Make And Takes for easy colorful macaroni necklaces.

-Personalized framed picture. Take a favorite picture of your family and create a frame for it! Color or paint the frame and give it to Dad to put on his desk at work. If you need help making one, or want something more professional looking, try Snapfish or Personalization Mall.


Photo Source: Purlbee


-Tie. Make Dad a homemade tie this year. Put your kids’ handprints on it. He may not always wear it but he’ll keep it always. This tutorial from Purlbee is an easy one and you can pick any fabrics you’d like that you think your dad would like.

-Envelopes of love. Have everyone write down some of their favorite things about Dad on strips of paper. Put each paper in an envelope and hang them on the wall or tie a ribbon around all of them. Dad will love hearing all the things you love about him! If you want to do it an even simpler way, simply gather them all together and hand them to dad!

Layered Candy Jar

Photo Credit: Uncommon Designs

-Layered candy jar. Go grab an empty jar or container and layer it with his favorite candy treats. Circus Peanuts on bottom, Hot Tamales next, Lemonheads on top, and Mike and Ikes on the very top. Whatever Dad loves, give him this sweet treat that is sure to be enjoyed. Here’s an example of how you could make your layered candy jars.

tie art

Photo Source: Education

-Tie art. Trace ties on paper, cut them out, and use them to decorate the house! Make a banner out of them that says Happy Father’s Day or something else that will surprise Dad when he comes home from work. Education has a paper printable and instructions on how to make your very own.

Have any ideas for homemade Father’s Day gifts this year? What are you planning on making Dad? Leave us a comment and share your ideas!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.