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  1. we got our treat bags at toys r us two years ago for 1 dollar apiece… they disappeared after last year, so I went to dollar tree (only needing 2 as my oldest isn’t going out this year) and got really cute (and more manageable size) bags that you can even CLOSE (just like the hood on a jacket… a squeeze piece and pull the strings) for 1 dollar apiece… I’m making sure to keep track of them so I don’t end up doing it again in a couple of years… but if I find the other ones, I can use them for the kids to dump into when their smaller bags fill up or for grocery shopping!

    they also have pumpkin decorating pieces you PUSH IN to the pumpkin (instead of having a toddler carving or painting, which can be messy or even dangerous)… which also means that if you keep your pumpkin fresh, you can pull them out after halloween, and use it for baking (after washing it) those pies and making stock and roasted seeds with!

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