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Master Closet Makeover – At Home with Baby Gizmo

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After a holiday hiatus, welcome back to “At Home with Baby Gizmo- Episode 8.” Today we are taking you inside our secondary master closet, otherwise known as my husband’s closet. Yes, we have “his” and “hers” closets. Guess which one is bigger? I can tell you that it definitely it not the “his” closet. 🙂

To follow through on our New Year’s resolution to get more organized in our new house, we teamed up with Easy Closets to get both closets in shape and organized with some amazing systems. While my closet still needs a few finishing touches, we are super excited to show you my husband’s closet.

closet transformation

Gone is the laundry basket, clothes on the floor and shoes in a pile by the door. Organization is king in this closet and I have to say that it turned out amazing!

Here is the before photo…

Master Closet before photo

After a few afternoons and a little teamwork, we transformed the entire closet to what it is now. Yep, we did it all ourselves. That’s how Easy Closets works, and it really is easy. They team you up with a personal designer to design a closet that best fits your needs. Then they ship everything to you with detailed instructions and you get to work.

We started with the color. With 11 colors to choose from, we decided on the darkest option – French Roast – and with 18 different handles and knobs, we had no problem picking hardware we knew would match the rest of the bathroom.

Easy Closets handles

Next, it was time to pick out how we wanted the closet set up. We had to decide how many drawers, hanging rods and shelves we thought he would use. Then it was time to add the fun accessories.

One of my must-have accessories that I knew we needed to add was a hamper. If we were going to make his closet amazing, I didn’t want it ruined by a laundry basket on the floor overflowing with dirty laundry. The hamper gives him a place for his dirty clothes but hides it away so I don’t have to look at it.

Easy Closets Hamper

My husband’s favorite feature of his new closet is the pants rack. It hangs his pants neatly in a row in a pull out rack.

Easy Closets Pants Rack

Next, the valet pole was too fun not to get and the tie rack keeps his ties from falling off the hangers and ending up in lump on the floor.

Easy Closets Valet
Easy Closets Valet Pole
tie rack in master closet
Easy Closets Tie Rack

Finally, we gave him plenty of shelves for all his shoes, sweatshirts, shirts, pants and anything else that ends up in his closet.

closet organizer
shoes stacked in an organizer

Overall, the whole closet system wasn’t hard to install. You don’t have to be super handy but you have to follow direction and have to have a few tools (power drill, screwdriver, hacksaw, level and tape measure). If you are removing old wire shelves, you’ll also need needle nose pliers, drywall patching and paint.

For more information on Easy Closets, visit their site at

Easy Closet makeover
Easy Closets closet makeover

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.