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Pregnancy Hospital Bag Must Haves

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I distinctly remember throwing together a pregnancy hospital bag (if you could even call it that) when my contractions were four minutes apart and I was heading out the door to give birth to my son four years ago. I was a first time hospital bag packer and while I knew to bring the basic necessities, I hadn’t planned ahead and will be doing things differently when I give birth a second time this fall.

pregnant mom packing her hospital bag

Hospitals will provide you with quite a lot. They will have diapers and wet wipes for your baby, some very basic baby blankets, pillows and sheets for moms hospital bed, and some female hygiene products that you’ll most definitely need. You will want to check with the hospital you’ll be delivering at to see just what they will have provided for you because each hospital is different.

These are items I will be packing with me in my pregnancy hospital bag this time around (much earlier than when I’m out the door to give birth). I recommend packing things up a few weeks before your due date so you’re completely prepared and ready to go! Check out my must have items below and be sure to add them to your list too!

I’m starting things off with two bundles I think are PERFECT for packing in your hospital bag.

freshly picked
Photo Source: Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked Bringing Home Baby Bundle. This is one of my top picks for good reason. It comes with the best mix of both mommy AND newborn must haves. A pair of crib moccs, a knotted hat, and a soft blanket for baby + a stylish robe and slipper socks for mom. It all comes neatly wrapped up in a bag to carry it all in that doubles as a laundry bag which you can hand right over to your husband once it’s full. He’s doing all your laundry for you the first couple weeks, right?! Retail: $140

hatch collection
Photo Source: Hatch Collection

Hatch Collection Hospital To Home Bundle. This is the ultimate bundle that every new mom so deserves! It comes stocked with a comfortable nightgown that you can pull down for nursing and that you can continue to wear for the long haul, as well as the most gorgeous robe perfect for your hospital stay and lounging, a pair of grey cashmere tube socks, and amazing fit panty briefs. I. Need. This. Retail: $248

hux baby
Photo Source: Hux Baby

Hux Baby Crosses Blanket. You’ll want to make sure you bring at least one super soft and comfortable blanket for your newborn. I love this one from Hux Baby because the print is stylish, clean, modern, and gender neutral. Plus it’s soft, 100% organic cotton, and GOTS certified. It’s also a big generous size so mom and dad can share during the hospital stay and your newborn will be able to use it for years to come. It would make for great photos too! Retail: $50

brass clothing
Photo Source: Brass Clothing

Brass Clothing Dress. Make sure to pack a comfortable and realistic outfit with you to go home in. I own this dress from Brass Clothing and it’s extremely soft and comfortable. It’s also very stretchy which means you can wear it all through your pregnancy, plus after delivery and beyond. Leave the skinny jeans at home and snag this instead! You’ll get tons of use out of it. Retail: $72

kickee pants
Photo Source: Kickee Pants

Kickee Pants Onesie. This amazing footie from Kickee Pants should definitely be on your list. It’s the perfect gender neutral coming home outfit that you’ll want to pack in your hospital bag for your newborn to wear home! It comes in a variety of different colors, is machine washable, and is one of the softest things you will ever ever ever put on your baby. Retail: $32

House Of Mia
Photo Source: House Of Mia

House Of Mia Newborn Hat. These adorable newborn hats come in all different patterns, make for great newborn hospital pictures, and will keep your baby’s head soft and snuggly! Plus they’re so small you can easily throw one in your hospital bag! Retail: $14

goat milk nyc
Photo Source: Goat Milk NYC

Goat Milk NYC Onesie. You should know this company because their drop needle onesies are soft, 100% organic cotton, totally unisex, and put all other plain white onesies to shame. You’ll probably want to pack a couple of these for your time in the hospital with your precious newborn. They are easy to snap open for diaper changes and your little one will look adorable in them! Retail: $35

organic zoo
Photo Source: Organic Zoo

Organic Zoo Leggings. I adore tiny baby clothing and little tiny baby leggings are no exception. This sweet pair from Organic Zoo are 100% organic cotton and they are made to be mixed and matched. So check out their line for fun tops and hats to mix your new leggings with or simply stick them in your hospital bag and pair them with things you already have! They will keep your baby warm and they’re totally gender neutral.

Photo Source: Cleobella

Cleobella Mila Duffle. Here’s my pick for a great pregnancy hospital bag. Not only do I think it’s gorgeous, but it’s the perfect size to fit all your needs in, it’s lightweight, and something you’ll carry for years to come. It would make for a great overnight bag for baby too! Retail: $158

Here are some other of my hospital bag must haves:

-Shampoo/conditioner/soaps and the like. Stop by Target or The Dollar Tree to get small bottles of your favorites so you don’t have to lug your big bottles with you.

-Make up/hair products. I admit that I didn’t really use these much when I gave birth to my son, but you might want a little lipstick or five minute makeover at some point during your stay and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

-Blanket/pillow. This is more for dad, who will probably be sleeping on a not so comfortable chair or the like during your stay. Bring some goods from home to make his stay as comfortable as possible.

-Snacks. Yes, they have a cafeteria, but it might be slim pickins and if you’ve got any food allergies you’re going to want to have a few snacks on hand just in case.

-Magazines/books/iPod/charger/camera. Bring any music or reading material you might want with you. Don’t forget your phone charger and obviously the most important thing of all, your camera!

-Small baby items like pacifiers, nipple guards, etc. if you plan to give your baby a pacifier or breast feed, pack these items along.

snack basket
Photo Source: Pinterest

Another great idea to bring to the hospital is a gift basket for your labor and delivery nurses! I didn’t do this with my first born but I am most definitely doing it when I give birth again! My labor and delivery nurses with my first born were fantastic and they deserved ten gift baskets. These can be as simple or elaborate as you want and as cheap or expensive as you’d like. Simply pick up a cute basket, and fill it with fun items that the nurses who help you can grab and take with them. I like the idea of filling it with lots of snacks both healthy and not so healthy and I’ve also seen people put small items inside like $5 Starbucks gift cards or Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers. Get creative, they will love and appreciate it so much!

So there it is folks! If you think I missed anything from the list please leave a comment and add your pregnancy hospital bag must have items to it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.