How to be the World’s Best Dad

How to be the World's Best Dad

When I saw this instructional guide on The Little Hen House, I knew I had to do one too. I have another perfect tutorial to being the World’s Best Dad.

Step 1: Agree to dress up for Halloween with your 4-year-old daughter even though dressing up is “not your thing”.

Step 2: Agree to play the part of Daddy Warbucks when your daughter is dying to become her favorite star, Annie.

Step 3: Agree to wear a red bow tie even though you “aren’t a bow tie type of guy”.

Step 4: Agree to SHAVE YOUR HEAD when your daughter insists that Daddy Warbucks HAS to be bald (and no, a bald cap won’t cut it!).

World’s. Best. Dad.

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband and “best daddy in the world”!




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