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  1. I was always sick during my second pregnancy, it was really hard! Especially to manage my first daughter, home, cleaning, meals prep etc … by reading your article, I feel less alone. Your article is really great, full of good advice that I could have applied to help me a bit 🙂

  2. Currently 7.5 weeks pregnant with my third and morning sickness started at 4 weeks. Had terrible morning sickness the entire pregnancy with my first and violent vomiting with my second through 16 weeks. It was so traumatizing. For some reason my husband and I decided to “go for it” for #3 (4 years later). I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks recently and realized I wanted #3 more than I realized. Except now I’m pregnant with the third and I’m so sick, waaaay sicker than the first two. I’m so upset I can’t have an easy pregnancy and I’m constantly trying to find self-help on google. Thanks for your article. Showered today after 3 days. Everything makes me gag or dry heave. My kids watch too much TV right now and our families live far away. Frozen dinners are what we are surviving on. So hard. Taking it one day at a time….

  3. I didn’t have problems with morning sickness during first pregnancy, but the second time (with twins) it was crazy. I tried to eat only light products, I reduced fats and fried foods, I was taking naps, going for walks, spending time outdoors. After 4 months I went back to normality 🙂 My friend in turn didn’t have morning sickness at all and she has four kids! I guess every organism reacts differently.

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