“I’m Thankful For” Photo Opp — Free Thanksgiving Printable

It seems like just yesterday that my feed was full of back-to-school photos. I love a seasonal photo opp just about as much as I love a pumpkin spice latte … and that’s a lot! Those little snapshots in time that mark the years and make us mamas tear up when the flashbacks pop up year after year. I love seeing my kids grow up, and I love seeing yours grow up too. I mean, technically, I hate it, but… you know what I mean 🙂

Back-to-school photos were so fun I decided to do it again but with a Thanksgiving flair!


Plus, it’s always fun to see what our kids come up with when given a prompt. Kid interviews at the preschool and early elementary ages are just the cutest! My sweet six year old went with a classic “my whole entire family” as her answer to “What are you thankful for?” I suspect my son will say something like “dino nuggets and ninja turtles”! What will your kiddos say?

Ask them soon and print this cute little banner to write in their answer! Then, snap away!

I'm thankful for - photo opp sign

And, while we’re talking thankfulness, what are YOU thankful for? My list is monster long, because truly, there is so much to be thankful for.