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Gifts for Teachers You Appreciate

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Want to get your child’s teacher a really great gift that she won’t toss as soon as you leave the room? Coming from a previous teacher, here are some awesome gift ideas teachers actually want:

chatbooks teacher gift

Chatbooks // $8 per book, free shipping

Do you have photos of your kid at the start of the year with the teacher, during the Halloween parade, and other events with the teacher? Turn them into a photo book that you gift to your child’s teacher. It’s pretty easy to do nowadays, since we carry a billion photos with us everywhere on our phones. Have your kid leave a little note to the teacher for an extra sentimental touch.

blue-apron teacher gift

Blue Apron subscription // $59.94 for 3 meals in a week, serving two people

Paying for your teacher to get a certain amount of meals delivered to her door would be amazing! Busy teachers = no time to grocery shop and meal plan. This solves it for them, in a really yummy way! Learn more about Blue Apron HERE.

Amazon Gift Card in Gift Bag Holder

An Amazon gift card is always appreciated but gifting them a card from a restaurant, the movies, or stores they wouldn’t normally shop at, but are still useful (like Home Depot) is a good ideas too. If you give a Wal-Mart or Office Max card, of course your teacher will still love it, but will just use it for classroom supplies for your kid. Gift the card in a cute, handmade wallet and technically, it’s like you’re gifting TWO things in one!


3rd Rose Funny Mug // $12.50

Most teachers I know need coffee, tea, or soda to keep them going through the long days. Get her an awesome mug that will give her a chuckle every time she sees it. Which will be a lot.


Tinyprints Stylish notepads // $ 15

She will be writing a ton of notes and to-do lists. Apples and rulers don’t need to be on every single thing she owns.

frame gift

Signature Autograph Frame // $14.95

Print a class picture to put in the frame and then have each child sign around it to create a memorable and thoughtful gift!

teacherlife book

Teacher Life: A Snarky Chalkboard Coloring Book // $9

Coloring helps many adults calm their stress so what better way to calm your child’s teacher than with something funny as well! This one is particularly “snarky.”

gifts for teachers

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.