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  1. Ok so my sister and I spent the night at our grandparents house. She was 5 and I was 14, and she was a very curious little child. We shared a room there and this happened everytime she saw my bra. She said “I want a boobie holder just like you” and I would always say “when your older you’ll have to” or something like that.. but this one time she decided to ask my grandma for a boobie holder. Honestly I wouldn’t have been that embarrassed if it was just my grandma but my grandpa was there too and she walked into the kitchen after me and said “can you get me a boobie holder like Nina?” and I was soooo embarrassed but when my grandpa left it was soooo funny lol

  2. This was so embarrassing at the time but now I can laugh about it lol… I was about 15 and I was at a family dinner at my grandmas house. i was standing in the kitchen with most of my family there too, when my little sister who was 3 at the time runs up to me and starts tugging at my shirt. I crouched down to see what she wanted and she pointed at my boob and said (very loudly) ” why do you have big nipples?” and most of my family was just standing there and as a 15 year old i was horrified

  3. We live in Vermont and the winters here can be pretty snowy. When my eldest daughter was 3 years old we were driving down the road behind the salt truck. She asked what it was, I told her it was the salt truck. Then she asked, as serious as can be, “Well, where is the pepper truck?”

  4. My daughter said something when I had begun to undress in front of her so I asked her to say it again and she said “Mommy why do you have those buttons (means my nipples) it was funny at first but then it got embarrassing.

  5. My daughter said something when I had begun to undress in front of her so I asked her to say it again and she said “Mommy why do you have those buttons (means my nipples) it was funny at first but then it got embarrassing.

  6. An elderly woman asked my two year old daughter where she got her pretty eyes. She replied, “I don’t know…maybe Walmart.”

  7. Last year I met my husbands then 4 year old daughter and his ex wife, for the first time. The little girl was asking about our son, and said he has a tally wakker, I laughed and waited for what her mother had to say, when she laughed the little girl turned and started saying I think my mommy has a tally wakker , mommy has a tally wakker! Ps I have never laughed so hard due to the fact, we were in the middle of a crowed mall and everyone was staring at her mother!

  8. I recently went on a trip to the caves in Springfield. Needless to say, there was a seven to eight year old kid behind me in the car that wen’t through the caves. When the tour guide asks for questions, he raises his hand and goes “Is there any lava in this cave? Because when I play Minecraft there is lava in the caves, and its super scary, and I always die.” His mother cupped her hand around his mouth while the car, including the tour guide, was laughing hysterically. When leaving the cave, I noticed the kid looked SUPER mad. He yelled at the tour guide “WHY DID WE NOT SEE ANY CREEPERS?” His sister replied, “BECAUSE THIS IS REAL LIFE, STUPID.” And I got to watch a thirteen year old girl explain to her little brother who was in tears the difference between reality and fiction. It was the best day ever.

  9. When my sister was little, and my mum was pregnant with my bro, she said: when the baby comes out, the first thing we r gonna do is take off the nappy to check if it’s a boy or a girl…?also, we were tlking bout gran and great grandma (Mary) and the my little sis said, “then who laid pop?” Mum keeps a book of funny things we said when we were kids…

  10. We were parked in our car outside a shop and my 6 (at the time) year old brother saw an old man walk past us and he leaned out the window and yelled “LOOK AT THAT OLD WOMAN!” We were in hysterics but I don’t think he heard us.

  11. One time I was telling my sisters son about my toungue ring and I told him that they pulled out my toungue and held it out and stabbed a needle through it and he went “that’s not very nice!”

  12. One time when my little brother was about three years old we went to the grocery store with our grandparents and my innocent little brother said “can we get bear paws?” my grandparents said “maybe later.” Brother: “I said I wanted BEAR PAWS!!!!!!!!” Lol we talk about it all the time. For some reason he got he bear paws lol.

  13. My sister when she was young used to have a really flimsy Barbie. I’d at the time not cared for her humour and all that but one day she began stabbing her Barbie’s breasts in with a knife.
    Mum: Why are you doing that?
    Sis: She’s becoming a GRANNY!
    I had been with my friends recently and one of them for a joke told my sis (4 at the time) what a transvestite was.
    Hilarious with my mum’s mouth open while me, my dad and my grandma are behind barely able to keep a straight face.

  14. My two boys, 4 and 6 at the time, arguing in the back seat to the point of screaming. I ask them to stop and tell me to explain what they are arguing about. The 4 year old in tears says, “Girls can’t pee!! They don’t have penises. They can only poop because they only have butts.” And the 6 year old yells, “They still pee even without a penis!” 4 year old, “NO, THEY CAN’T!!! Waaaaaaahhhhh”

    1. Once when my little girl was 3 we went to the hospital to have my ultrasound for my baby. When we got there we done the ultrasound then suddenly after the doctor had said it was a boy my daughter said “I want a boy brother so make her penis magically come back then he can do more stuff with it” that was the funniest thing I have ever heard a child say

  15. At a dinner party the conversation somehow got onto picking ones nose, three year old Tes had mother blushing when she pointed ” you should only pick your nose in the bathroom”

  16. The little girl I nanny who is 3 dropped some trash on the floor.
    Me: “Please, pick up your trash and throw it away.”
    She just ignores me
    Me: “Please pick up your trash”
    Her: ” Im waiting for you to stop talking”
    I couldnt help but laugh!

  17. My 2 twins always fight. So one day, they are argueing (and they are identicle) and one of them calls the other one ugly!

  18. Visiting my son, his 5 year old daughter was excited about showing me what her daddy had done to her room. There were many shelves up with her treasures on top, a new dresser with princess decals on it, and princess wall decals all over her room. I said that it looked just like a princesses bedroom and how nice it looked. Everything was in it’s place. I commented that the room was so tidy and asked if she was going to keep the room this clean all the time now. Her reply was, “I am not a real princess, you know!”

  19. My 3 year old told me “Daddy is the boss because he has hair in his armpits.”
    He also told me while changing my daughters diaper “Mommy, Maddie doesn’t have a pee-pee she has 2 buns.”

  20. My son asked me were his dad was. I told him he was at work. He replied “still? He must be making a lot of money.” It was 10 in the morning. Lol

  21. While at the dentist office my husband took our 4 year old to the bathroom and when he came back to the waiting room he announced to everyone “I can’t wait for my penis to be as big as daddy’s!” As soon as the snickering settled he asked me “Why do girls only have a line?” It was surely an interesting appointment!

    1. My 3 year old was sitting on the plane on our way to California and she had my iPad. When she looked up as a girl was walking past to the bathroom. The women was a little heavy and had a bit of a belly, and large thighs. NOT a pregnancy belly!!! And my daughter said mommy does she have a baby in her belly and in her legs? I didn’t think the women heard bc she kept walking but on her way back she looked at my daughter and said no. My daughter said well why are it so big. The lady said I guess it’s McDonald’s. After she walked away my daughter NOW CHOSE TO WISPER. and said I don’t think we should eat McDonald’s anymore. Handing her chicken nuggets back.

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