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Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

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If you’re anything like me sometimes important things get left to the last minute. Take Halloween, for example. I know it comes every year on October 31st, but with two family birthdays in the month of October and the busy-ness of a changing season somehow Halloween always gets pushed to the week of. Hence, my need for last minute DIY costumes.

This year I brainstormed this topic with a few of my favorite moms and we came up with some gems …

Gnome | Cowgirl | TV Man | Super Hero | Bag of Jelly Beans

I’m in love with these sweet creations and I’m guessing most families would have the necessary supplies or clothing pieces tucked away at home. If not, one stop at a craft store and an hour or two and you have Halloween costume success!

Other ideas we considered were …

  • Re-purposed activity outfits – Was big sis in ballet last year? Would that costume fit little sis now? Boom – a ballerina! How about football? Or karate?
  • Dad or Mom – What is your profession? Would your little one like to dress up as a construction worker, sales associate, doctor, barista, or teacher? Gather your work-ware (uniform, badge, and personal accessories like glasses or hat) and let your imagination go wild. I almost hope my daughter will want to dress up as me someday – she can sport some yoga pants and carry her doll in a baby carrier with her hair in a top bun. Who knows, maybe we’ll even smear a little spit up near her shoulder!
  • Build a box into a ______– Rubix cube, iPod, or hot air balloon.

What are the most creative costumes you’ve whipped up at home?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.