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5 Reasons You Should Be a Mom with Blue Hair, Too

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I got married when I was 19 and had my first baby at 22, with my second following just two years later. My career now is my kids. I change diapers and take care of the grown up chores, like calling our health insurance for pre-verifications and gathering tax documents to file our return. I’m in my twenties and I feel like a mom stuck in routines that I’ll still be fulfilling 20 years down the road (minus the diapers, hopefully). So when I decided to take the plunge and go from brunette hair to blonde, and then to a blue-grey platinum, you better believe it’s something I did solely for myself, and I freaking love it! Blue hair is my jam!

But I heard a comment the other day from a stranger at church that made me so sad, for her. She said,

“She’s a mom, she shouldn’t have blue hair.”

Um, I’m a mom and that’s WHY I should have blue hair! And you should, too.

Blue hair, or any fun, unnatural color hair, is something every mom should try. I promise you, a few amazing things will happen after you dye:

Your confidence will skyrocket. Once you become a mother and learn to keep another human being alive (while rocking it!), you realize you can do literally anything. I dyed my hair blue and all of a sudden, I had an outward expression of the badass I felt within!

You’ll be teaching your kids it’s okay to be different and stand out. I’m showing my daughter that beauty comes in different forms and comes from within. I’m showing my son that confidence is attainable in many different. If everyone is the same, acts the same, looks the same—what a boring world we’d live in. It’s okay to be confident and have fun.

You’ll be reminded it’s okay to feel young, no matter how old you technically are. Ignore “age appropriate” expectations. Ignore media-set standards. Ignore the haters (there won’t be very many). If blue hair has been on your bucket list since middle school, go for it. Because guess what? Its just hair! It’ll grow back, the color will fade, and you can change it back whenever you feel like it. Remind yourself that you’re still young and it’s okay to have fun amidst all your responsibilities.

You’ll bring out kindness wherever you go. Blue hair is bound to stand out in a crowd. But most people will love it and will come out of their shells to tell you so. How fantastic is it to give a compliment? To receive a compliment? To talk to a stranger and share kindness when usually we are all too busy with our own agendas that we hardly look each other in the eye as we pass by? I can’t tell you how many people have smiled when they’ve seen my hair and/or told me how much they love it! I’ve had conversations with people I don’t know about why I dyed it, how I did it, and if I think they should do it too. Use your awesome blue hair to open up and help others do the same!

You’ll gain back some control you hadn’t realized you’d lost. As a mom, you are responsible for so much. Keeping the kids alive, teaching them to be good human beings, taking care of the home and maybe even the finances as well, etc. You have to be consistent, the “bad guy,” the rule setter and the stronghold. You lose control of your freedom in so many ways after having kids. Dyeing your hair is a small chance to regain control of your own life, deciding to have fun doing something only for yourself that won’t hurt the responsibilities you’ll still fulfill.

blue hair quote 2

I’m a twenty-something year old mother of two and I have blue hair. I am not any less capable of taking care of these kids just because my hair is now the brightest bob in the crowd at church. In fact, my willingness to break out of a comfort zone and stand out makes me even more qualified to raise those two munchkins, teaching them to do the same! I’m learning more about myself than ever before, realizing that my monotonous life isn’t so boring after all.

I’m rocking the look, regardless of how I actually look on the outside. And you should try it too.

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Wednesday 4th of May 2022

Love this, I have had blue, purple and pink hair in the last 3 years. My hubby loves it and that I'm not afraid to stand out. I have 3 kids, soon to be 4. I am also 27 right now.

Maann San Pedro

Tuesday 26th of May 2020

Oh wow Heather! Such a good read for a mom who thought she couldn't be herself again. I love every words you put in this article of yours! Thanks a lot for the uplift!


Tuesday 16th of April 2019

I am a mom with blue hair, it started going grey and I thought what the heck. My kids love it and strangers from every walk of life give me compliments. I feel great and forget that my hair is blue when strangers smile at me. Won’t go back any time soon.


Sunday 7th of April 2019

I'm also a mom with blue hair - for 2 years now!! Love it and can't knock the trend!


Tuesday 26th of March 2019

Hi! I just came across this while searching “is it okay for moms to have colorful hair”. When I was younger I always rocked a new color or style. After having kids and working too much about what the husbands family thinks I stopped and have just pretty much boring hair. The most I’ve changed is blonde to dark brown. I just bought hair color to transform from dark brown to a light purple. And I’m so nervous to do it. Adroit what my husband will say, afraid of what his family will think and worse what will the other moms at my sons school think. I’m 37, I keep thinking maybe I’m too old. But I don’t feel old. I feel boring and stuck in hair that I really don’t like and have had for way too long. I love your color and your courage. Thank you for writing this.


Monday 15th of April 2019

I'm 33 with 5 children...I miss having blue hair..I'm pale skin and it brightened up my face and my mood and IT MADE ME FEEL HAPPY...thinking about going back to blue this summer...

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