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  1. Oh wow Heather! Such a good read for a mom who thought she couldn’t be herself again. I love every words you put in this article of yours! Thanks a lot for the uplift!

  2. I am a mom with blue hair, it started going grey and I thought what the heck. My kids love it and strangers from every walk of life give me compliments. I feel great and forget that my hair is blue when strangers smile at me. Won’t go back any time soon.

  3. Hi! I just came across this while searching “is it okay for moms to have colorful hair”. When I was younger I always rocked a new color or style. After having kids and working too much about what the husbands family thinks I stopped and have just pretty much boring hair. The most I’ve changed is blonde to dark brown. I just bought hair color to transform from dark brown to a light purple. And I’m so nervous to do it. Adroit what my husband will say, afraid of what his family will think and worse what will the other moms at my sons school think.
    I’m 37, I keep thinking maybe I’m too old. But I don’t feel old. I feel boring and stuck in hair that I really don’t like and have had for way too long.
    I love your color and your courage. Thank you for writing this.

    1. I’m 33 with 5 children…I miss having blue hair..I’m pale skin and it brightened up my face and my mood and IT MADE ME FEEL HAPPY…thinking about going back to blue this summer…

  4. I love this article! Way to find something fun just for YOU! When I met you, you had blue hair, so I’ve always thought you were one cool momma! 🙂

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