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  1. My daughter went potty, finally after a week or so of trying 3 times in a row (with the exception of a little overnight potty in the diaper). I was so pumped. She went camping with g ma, who I can’t blame for not using the potty, since she has to cook clean, look after a 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 12 year old. She had her hands full, but when my baby came home, she still sat on the potty for another week, with no urine. Plus, I swear she is starting to hate it. I let her bang on the computer or anything I can do to help because I had tamper tantrum melt downs before bath time when she didn’t mind using the potty. I don’t want her to hate the potty, and I guess I never made a chart because she’s 19 months. I’m ready to try big girl undies, but after going with out a diaper for 3 hours last night, and despite the 10-15 min intervals, she pooped on the floor, but stopped once we got her on the potty. Augh, luckily I got some cheap toys for her, but should I reserve them for when she sits on the potty for 5 mins with no luck or just when she goes potty? Idk advice needed!

  2. Hi Marie,
    We were supposed to meet up last year for a play date in Carlsbad thru North Coast Church. My home church since 1997. It ended up getting cancelled and shortly after we moved to Arizona. Anyways, I had heard such nice things about you from other moms and how you had twins. I decided to check out your blog. You are hilarious. I laughed so hard I cried reading this. Thanks for posting and for the laugh!! I keep telling myself after the next baby I will be done wiping butts. Just 5 more years to go. Lol!! This poop shall pass..

  3. Hey Marie,

    Thanks for this great article, it reminds me of the days when I used to be after my lil one to potty train him. It indeed is a challenging task ans I relate to you completely. One key it to be patient and observe as there are various signs your kids would give when he/she is ready to learn bathroom behavior. He/she will pull up his pants up and down and there are various other signals that you would easily understand. You may then start potty training choosing from a variety of Baby Potty Chairs, Potty seats which would help him learn easily.

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