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Newborn Holiday Photo Shoot Ideas

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With all the holidays rapidly approaching, today we’ve gathered together twelve great newborn holiday photo shoot ideas for your babies! Get ready for cuteness overload!

newborn holiday photography ideas
newborn in a candy jar
Photo Source: Barefoot Photography

Baby In A Candy Jar – We aren’t sure how the photographer pulled this shot off but it’s adorable just the same.

baby snowman photography

Baby Snowman – We aren’t sure there is a cuter baby snowman than this one!

baby holiday photos
Photo Source: Pete Green Photography

Newborn Present – It’s all about simplicity with this newborn holiday photo shoot. A naked baby, a bow and a Santa hat. Done.

Legwarmers & Lights – Besides the adorable baby, leg warmers and twinkle lights are the star of this show.

newborn holiday photography
Photo Source: Kristeen Marie

Christmas Lights – Another super simple but amazing show with Christmas lights behind a sleeping baby on a blanket that looks like snow.

newborn in a stocking
Photo Source: Laura Jane Studios

Stocking Stuffer – This newborn holiday photo looks a little tricky to pull off but creates a festive shot for memories.

christmas baby photography

Baby Snowman – Another take on the baby snowman.

new baby in a mail box
Photo Source: Ashley Mickelson Photography

Special Delivery – This adorable shot emphasizes your special delivery this year with an adorable newborn sticking out of a mail box in front of a Christmas tree.

new baby in a bow with christmas tree
Photo Source: Aves Photographic Design

Wrapped with a Bow – Wrap your newborn in a bow and set them on a blanket in front of the tree and you are good to go for an adorable newborn holiday photo.

baby in a stocking
Photo Source: Sarah Jordan Photography

Stocking Stuffer – This stocking stuffer is the cutest idea for sleeping newborns and the candy cane is an adorable touch.

siblings on sled in christmas pajamas
Photo Source: Amy Robertson Photography

With Big Siblings – This photo is a great way to include a big sibling but still celebrate the newborn this year.

baby christmas photography

Christmas Car – This adorable baby is festive and ready for Christmas with a tree atop his Christmas car.

newborn and santa
Photo Source: Kristen Duke Photography

Newborn and Santa – Santa holding a newborn. Amazing.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.