What to Pack in your Hospital Bag (VIDEO)

Hospital Bag

I am a little late this week with our “How To” Monday video and for that, I’m sorry! With our family vacation just ending, we are playing catch up. Never fear! We are here with another great video 🙂

With so many new readers joining us every day, many who are new or expecting parents, I thought it would be a good time to talk about what you should pack in your hospital bag. This is a video you’ll want to share with your pregnant friends!

When you head to the hospital to have a baby, what you bring with you is very important in keeping you comfortable during your stay. There are some key items that you just don’t want to forget, and in this video we go through everything you need to bring.



  1. My last delivery I found an aroma therapy candle that was flameless made by Fabreeze (I believe). It took away that sterile hospital smell and really helped me relax. I haven’t’ seen them around lately, so I hope I can find some (or something similar) before my due date comes around so I can have the same experience once again!

  2. Couple must haves for us were:
    -gum and hard candies, when you can’t eat and maybe have limited fluid intake
    -snack for daddy, nothing smelly or noisy
    -hair-ties and headband


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