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What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

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With so many new readers joining us every day, many who are new or expecting parents, I thought it would be a good time to talk about what you should pack in your hospital bag. This is a video you’ll want to share with your pregnant friends!

pregnant woman standing in hospital


When you head to the hospital to have a baby, what you bring with you is very important in keeping you comfortable during your stay. There are some key items that you just don’t want to forget, and in this video we go through everything you need to bring.

There are important things you don’t want to forget when you head to the hospital. Sometimes we do have to rush to the hospital so it’s a good idea to be ready in advance.

Sure you can send someone back home to grab some things but it will be so much better if you have your bag packed by the door just in case.

Here’s what I recommend putting in that hospital bag because you could be at the hospital for 24 hours or up to 3 or 4 days if you have a c-section.


Whether its summer or winter, pack a pair of slippers. Hospital floors can be cold and the nurses are going to make you walk around before you leave the hospital. You’ll definitely want slippers and a few pairs of warm socks.

These Jessica Simpson House Slippers are a great option because they are comfortable, warm and you can slide them right on easily without bending over.

grey fuzzy slippers on white background


You might want to pack a nursing bra in your bag because you might nursing from the get-go. Easy access is key if you decide to put a bra on (closer to when you are leaving the hospital). Normally, you wouldn’t be wearing a bra in the hospital, but I recommend packing a nursing bra just in case.

black nursing bra on brunette model


Pack a pair of comfy pajamas that buttoned down the front for easy nursing. It’s a good idea that you don’t bring your fanciest pjs but ones that you don’t mind getting a little dirty or messy just in case. The hospital will probably provide a hospital gown but once you have the baby, it’s always nice to have your own.

black button down pajamas


A bathrobe is a great idea especially if you are having a winter baby. Hospitals can be quite cold and having your cozy bathrobe with you when they make you walk the halls will be a blessing, I promise.

model in bathrobe on white background


Leave the thongs at home, ladies. This is the time for the grandma panties and the big girl underpants. Having a baby is messy and the after baby part is even messier so you’ll need some strong underwear to hold the pads, ice packs and whatever other things you need to put on your lady bits.

6 pairs of ladies underwear on white background


Bring your bathroom bag with deodorant, a little makeup (for photos afterwards!), toothbrush, toothpaste and any special showering soaps that will make you feel normal.


Nothing will dry out your lips more than labor so bring a chapstick or two to keep those lips looking and feeling great.


Bring all the electronics such as cameras, ipads, phones and video cameras. More importantly, bring the chargers that charge those electronics as well. Nothing is worse than bringing all your electronics only to have the battery die and be stuck without a charger.


Just know that having a baby doesn’t always go according to plan but it’s a great idea to have a birth plan drawn up nonetheless. Things can get stressful and hectic in the hospital and it’s a good idea to have your wishes written down to hand to the nurse/doctor. It gives the nurses and the doctors a good idea of what you want.

birth plan example


You are going to need one outfit to leave the hospital in. Make sure it is seasonably appropriate such as lightweight in the summer and warmer in the winter. Flowy dresses in the summer are a great idea for summer and loose fitting clothes for winter.

JEANS ARE NOT NEEDED! Remember that you’re belly will probably (most definitely!) not be the same as it was pre-pregnancy right away so please don’t upset yourself by expecting to fit in your pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital. 99% chance that won’t happen and THAT’S OKAY!

You want loose pants, drawstring pants, sweatpants or whatever is comfortable but a little bit cute because people will probably be taking photos of you.


You’ll also need a cute outfit for the baby to go home in. Again, lots of photos will be taken so you’ll probably want to pick out something special for baby to wear. Remember the baby is going to probably be smaller than you envision. My babies were born at 7-8 lbs and wore premie and newborn size outfits home.


Nursing pads and nipple cream should be in your bag just in case. When your milk comes in, your boobs WILL leak, That’s why having nursing pads on hand will help prevent milk from soaking through your shirts. You probably won’t need nipple cream right away but there is no reason you shouldn’t have it on hand just in case.

A nursing pillow, such as a Boppy, is a great thing to also bring. Getting the hang of breastfeeding can bit a little tricky for newbies so having a nursing pillow which will boost baby up to the proper height of your breasts will help.

floral nursing pillow on a white background


For more hospital bag must-haves (and nice to haves), check out our Baby Gizmo Hospital Bag Video.

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Thursday 3rd of July 2014

My last delivery I found an aroma therapy candle that was flameless made by Fabreeze (I believe). It took away that sterile hospital smell and really helped me relax. I haven't' seen them around lately, so I hope I can find some (or something similar) before my due date comes around so I can have the same experience once again!


Wednesday 2nd of July 2014

Couple must haves for us were: -gum and hard candies, when you can't eat and maybe have limited fluid intake -snack for daddy, nothing smelly or noisy -hair-ties and headband

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.