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Warning: Snakes (Might Be) In Your Pool Toys!

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Sure, most of us think to check our pool toys for spiders or ants before we use them but are you checking them for snakes? Firefighters in Buckeye, Arizona, have taken to Facebook to send a “pool noodle alert” after a local family shared their story of finding snakes in their pool toys!

“Watch where you store your pool noodles when they are not in use. Apparently, 2 pool noodles were left outside of the pool up against their cinderblock wall. The next time they went to use the pool, the pool noodles were picked up and brought to the swimming pool. Out popped a rattlesnake.”

viral noodle snake

Nothing is safe anymore! Check everything!

Luckily, the snakes did not attack the family but a few baby snakes were still inside the pool noodles. The Buckeye firefighters warn that there has been research showing some types of snakes actually choose to lay their eggs inside or around pool noodles that have been left outdoors.

So consider this a great warning about something most of us would’ve never thought about and check your noodles that have been leaning against block fences and bushes!

The city fire department concludes their noodle alert with tips on what to do if you encounter a snake, saying,

“If you come into contact with a rattlesnake, or any other type of snake, stay calm.

viral noodle snake

One of the worst things you can do when coming across a rattlesnake is to start panicking. Snakes rely on vibrations in the ground to determine where you are. If you start moving fast and abruptly, you’ll only scare the snake more.”

Thanks to the one family’s bad pool day experience, the noodle warning is spreading far and wide as the fire department’s post has been shared over 700 times so far! Thanks for the heads up!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.