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  1. If you want to stick with the Star Wras theme….Luke and Leia’s mom was pregnant in the 3rd movie of the most recent ones made. Queen Amidala is her name….she usually had quite the elaborate outfits on….just Google her. 🙂

  2. I dressed up as a clown to match my 4 year old son last Halloween. I was 7 months pregnant but looked 9 months pregnant. The costume was a last second idea but it turned out well. I had a 2x sweat shirt light blue, crazy stripped pj bottoms pinks/red, crazy hat from high school (ordered from oriental tradings) on top of a rainbow clown wig my son refused to wear, and clown face paint…. The part that brought it together was my suspenders…. I made them from a pink elastic fetal monitoring band from one of my hospital visits. The band is the style similar to an adjustable waist band. I cut it down the middle and had 2 bands in the front going to one in the back. The big prego belly was the clown’s big belly. It was funny to watch people realize the belly was real and not some hoop band.

  3. It’s my birthday on Halloween and I’ll be 8 months pregnant. I so want to rock out with a great costume! Thanks for posting.

  4. I love the doll with the face and hands coming out, hilarious! My only idea ever was a pregnant nun, nice and warm, but I think the doll is much better…

  5. A good friend of mine dressed up as a psychic/genie and painted her bump to look like a crystal ball. It was really cute!

  6. My son was born just before Halloween, so I didn’t get to rock a pregnant Halloween costume. I wanted to be a pregnant Vestal Virgin from the movie History of the World Part 1. I guess you could consider this a twist on the pregnant nun look. Below are some costumes to give you an idea. As an added bonus, you could wear a sign below your belly that says “Do Not Enter.”

  7. My friend went as a pregnant cat. Black, tight outfit, ear and tails. She cut the outfit and poked 6 bottle nipples through. Came out very funny 🙂 (adult costume party)

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