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Pregnant Costumes for Halloween

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Cool/creepy costume from Etsy shop The Other Mothers

Can pregnant costumes still work for Halloween? With my kids headed back to school this week, somehow it seems time (already?!) to turn my thoughts to Halloween. My kids’ minds have been there for weeks—both boys wanted to go with a Star Wars theme this year, and so we’ve got a 5-year-old Luke Skywalker and a 3-year-old Darth Vader ready to go.  They’re psyched, but I’m a little bummed, as I secretly kind of like doing a theme for the whole family, and where does Star Wars leave me this year? As a pregnant Princess Leia? (Admittedly there could totally be a pregnant character in Star Wars that I don’t know about—feel free to enlighten me!)

Last year, I was desperate for my then-2-year-old to wear a super-cute French fry costume from Etsy, so I was delighted to find a cozy, warm cheeseburger costume for my then-4-year-old from Old Navy. My husband dressed head-to-toe in mustard yellow and was, you guessed it: mustard, while I dressed head-to-toe and red and went as ketchup. Cute, right? Crazy, also, right?

This year, though, I don’t know if we’ll rock the family theme, despite my husband being willing to don a Star Wars costume for the afternoon—and it’s because of me. This is the only time around when I’ll have been pregnant enough to warrant doing a funny pregnant Halloween costume, and I don’t want to miss my opportunity—I mean, I’ll be seven months pregnant by then—dressing up a bump that big has got to be funny, right?

But alas, I’m in need of inspiration. I’ve been poking around online looking for ideas but I still haven’t found anything that I love. Bun in the oven? Painted basketball/Easter egg belly? Meh.  I found another idea in a forum of dressing up in all-black with two vertical lines on my belly to go as a “pregnant pause.” Not sure everyone would get it, but it made me giggle. And then there’s this one, shown above, from Etsy shop The Other Mothers ($30). It kind of makes me laugh–but I wonder if it might scare some of the littler kids… So I’m still looking for now.

So, tell me, have you dressed up your bump for Halloween? Will you this year? (I’d really love to hear—and borrow—your creative ideas!)

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