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  1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your review. We have twins and are considering this travel crib. Would we need 2 or would they both fit in 1?



  2. The reviews sounds like this is a total win and this does seem like the ideal crib for traveling. I am wondering tho how sturdy this crib is (for example compared to the Graco pack an play). Is it sturdy enough to be used as a play yard for toddlers? and if so what age/weight do you think this would be up too? I am trying to decide whether its best to go for the lotus travel crib and its light weight abilities or a heavy duty one so i can utilize it as a playyard as well. Obviously if i can get the best of both worlds that would be ideal! If you have any advice that would be greatly appreciated! thanks

    1. I have a Greco pack and play and the lotus crib. The lotus is so easy to set up that we don’t even use the pack and play. It’s sturdy and light weight. We took it on a road trip and it proved itself to be priceless! The set up takes literally 15 seconds. and taking it down is just as easy. You only need one person to set it up. The one time I used the pack and play I found the set up took more hand strength then I had. We got the sun sheild too and my little guy loves to go play in his fort.

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