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Thrifting in a Technology World

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When I started thrifting years ago Goodwill and garage sales were the token venues for deals. Goodwill for those who liked a set price and garage sales for the negotiators.

Then the internet arrived on our doorstep and slowly but surely, the world of thrifting began to change. Now, no matter what you’re looking for, if you’re patient enough you can find it … and at the right price. Here are my favorite ways to thrift online …


eBay | The largest and most accessible marketplace for used goods, I have had oodles of luck finding specific pieces on eBay. Great brands at great prices make buying new almost obsolete!

thred up

Thred Up | Featuring items in women, kids, shoes and handbag categories, Thred Up is the perfect place for mamas to shop for themselves and their little ones.


Kidizen | I just joined Kidizen this week and so far so good! I LOVE that you can snap photos with your phone and both buy and sell through their app.


Craigslist | For those who want to stay local and avoid shipping costs, there is always Craigslist – both for specific items and to hunt out the best garage sale course.


Blogger’s Closet | Just for us mamas! Yay! So often I see fabulous outfits on my favorite bloggers and just wish I could peek inside there closets. Now I can!


Swapmamas | Not interested in buying? I was recently introduced to Swapmamas which sounds amazing! Swapmamas runs on old fashioned bartering and swapping to fill your clothing needs and share what you have in excess.


Instagram | Aw, Instagram! Did you know there was a whole world of buying and selling happening within most everyone’s favorite social media platform? Just search #shopmycloset #shopmykidscloset #instasale #instashop #forsale and others along those lines and you’ll find fabulous deals!

Now it’s your turn … in this technology driven world, where do you find the best deals? What has been your best find?

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Karen McAdams

Tuesday 1st of April 2014 is excellent.

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