50 Baby Names Inspired By Disney

50 Baby Names Inspired By Disney

If I was a betting mama, I’d say we might see a spike of little girls named Elsa in the coming year; maybe even little boys named Sven or Kristoff. As with most celebrities (and I think many Disney characters fall into that category), the general population trends after them. And with good reason! Especially with Disney, these are fabulous characters with exciting stories and often times, good morals who provide excellent role models for children and their parents. So … why not name your baby after them?

disney baby names

That’s right, today I’m sharing 50 baby names inspired by Disney!

First up … the boys:

  1. Robin – Winnie the Pooh/Robin Hood
  2. Finn – Cars 2
  3. Max – Cars 2
  4. Flynn – Tangled
  5. Ryder – Tangled
  6. Forrester – Bolt
  7. Henry – The Princess and the Frog
  8. Gus – mouse from Cinderella
  9. Mickey – The one and only Mickey Mouse
  10. Lewis – Meet the Robinsons
  11. Oliver – Oliver & Company
  12. Peter – Peter Pan
  13. Sebastian – The Little Mermaid
  14. Sven –¬† Frozen
  15. Amos – Fox and the Hound
  16. Felix – Wreck It Ralph
  17. Sullivan (Sulley) – Monsters Inc.
  18. Elliott – Pete’s Dragon
  19. Maximus – Tangled
  20. Otto – Robin Hood
  21. Winston – Oliver & Company
  22. Arthur – Sword in the Stone
  23. George – Peter Pan
  24. Louis – The Princess and the Frog
  25. Milo – Atlantis

And now, a peek at some beautiful girl options:

  1. Belle – Beauty and the Beast
  2. Aurora – Sleeping Beauty
  3. Dory – Finding Nemo
  4. Fauna – Sleeping Beauty
  5. Daisy – Daisy Duck
  6. Winifred – The Jungle Book
  7. Alice – Alice in Wonderland
  8. Bianca – The Rescuers
  9. Moira – Peter Pan
  10. Colette – Ratatouille
  11. Jane – Tarzan
  12. Marie – Aristocats
  13. Violet – The Incredibles
  14. Elsa – Frozen
  15. Willow – Pocahantas
  16. Daisy – The original Daisy Duck
  17. Megara – Hercules
  18. Adelaide – The Aristocats
  19. Adella – The Litter Mermaid
  20. Calliope – Hercules
  21. Esmeralda – The Princess and the Frog
  22. Jane – Tarzan
  23. Penny – 101 Dalmatians
  24. Giselle – Enchanted
  25. Flora – Sleeping Beauty

What’s your favorite Disney inspired name – either from the list or a different one?

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Esmerelda is from The Hunchback of Notra Dam and Evangeline is from Princess and the Frog


My daughter is Eve, inspired from Wall-E

Sharon. L.
Sharon. L.

You have Daisy and Jane on the list for girls names twice.


Daisy is on the list twice, so is Jane

Anna (not Elsa)
Anna (not Elsa)

Ah, Jane. The name so nice she listed it twice.