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  1. Hi Holly,
    I really want to make this cake… it looks soon delicious!!!
    Question though; can i make it with a ‘fresh’ pumpkin and if yes: how?
    I can’t find cans with ready-to-go pumpkin mash (maybe because i’m from Holland 🙂

    Thanks! D

    1. It is the recipe from Chef Dennis that was adapted from Good Housekeeping Good Desserts! We have had both credits at the bottom of the recipe since we posted it. Yes, it’s a great recipe and definitely deserves credit where credit is due and we did just that. 🙂

  2. Thank you! One last question. I just baked the cakes, is the topping on the bottom supposed to be more on the moist side as opposed to crisp? Not sure if I just greased the pan too much or what because when I took out of the pan parts of the topping fell apart seemed very moist

  3. When you say add one cup of the topping to three 8″ pans is that one cup of topping per pan or splitting that one cup up between the three pans?

  4. I just finished the cake. I was so afraid from all the comments but they came out of the pan with NO EFFORT. They look absolutely amazing! After watching the Chef who first coined this recipe show it on YouTube I understand why it is truly important to bake with crunch on and not separately the cake’s true essence comes from the crunch built right in, Also if you do everything correctly you won’t need the parchment paper and using flour to keep this cake from sticking is a sin. Thanks for your fantastic Blog! Keep baking!

  5. I made this cake for thanksgiving and it was a hit! My topping also stuck, and I pieced it together. I will try parchment paper next go around. Also, I used pecans instead of walnuts and it was great! Quick question though, did you measure out the 3 cups of nuts/vanilla wafers before or after you crushed/chopped them?

  6. I made this for thanksgiving and it was AMAZING. I have to thank you for this recipe! Some commented that it was the best cake they ever ate. For those of you that had your cakes fall apart or the crunch portion stick to the pans, you need to use parchment circles in your pans. It’s a sticky mix with sugar and butter so obviously you need something to keep it from sticking. I had no problems getting mine to turn out perfectly. Thanks again!!!

  7. I just finished making this cake, and it looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the awesome recipe. If it tastes half as good as it looks, I’ll be in pumpkin heaven!

  8. I’m curious, has anyone tried doing what one of the other commenters said? Why not bake the cakes and the crunch topping seperately and when you go to ice the cakes, add the crunch topping in between each layer while assembling the cake? I’m going to try this on Wednesday…wish me luck!!!

  9. Urgh same thing happened to me, all of the topping stuck to the pan. I wanted to use parchment paper but didn’t have any. I did grease the pans too, I’m going to turn it into a trifle instead, my friend made this cake last week and it was amazing.

  10. I followed recipe exactly as written and cooled cakes 10 minutes to avoid crunch topping from sticking. Complete disaster!!! Cakes broke apart due to crunch sticking to pan. I recommend cooking the topping on cookie sheet then making cakes and place crunch topping in between layers. I’m sure it’s delicious but not pleasing to the eye.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that your cake didn’t turn out, Carlee! Maybe the pans needed to be greased more if they have a tendency to grab on to the food?

      1. Any chance you’ve tried the cupcakes? I was thinking about adapting this recipe for cupcakes as well, and I’m debating whether to put a crunch layer on the bottom or just on top. I don’t want to end up with a mess when people take off the cupcake liner!

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