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Find Fun In Math Fact Practice With Learning Wrap-Ups

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I’m always on the look out for products that make learning fun, especially math. You too? Well, look no further than Learning Wrap-Ups!

When my kids have a skill to practice, it seems that a game is usually the best way to motivate them into daily practice. Learning Wrap-Ups merge math practice with the excitement of an independent game. Talk about a win!

Here’s what they look like:

Here’s how they works:

First, you choose the key you want to begin with. In our case +5. Start at the top left number and wrap the string from the first number (4) on the left to the answer (9) on the right. Move on to the second number (7) on the left and wrap the string to the notch next to the answer (12) on the right. Continue on until the key is completed and then flip it over to see if you got everything correct. The self-correcting feature (raised lines on the back) allows kids to check their own work and start again if a fact needs to be fixed. The addition Learning Wrap-Up teaches kids everything from 1+1 to 10+12.

I adore how compact this game is. It’s easy to take on the go and lately my daughter has been bringing it along in the car because she says it fits perfectly in her cup holder – “Now I can practice my math any time I want to!” she says. If that isn’t music to a mama’s ears, I don’t know what is!

Learning Wrap-Ups work best for kids ages 5 years old and up. It takes a little dexterity to hold the keys and maneuver the string while focusing on the math facts. If your kids have trouble, do it with them for a few rounds until they get the hang of it. Once they do, they won’t want to put it down! We currently toggle between the addition and subtraction Wrap-Ups and soon I’m ordering fractions. This summer is going to be full of math fun for our family!

The math line of Learning Wrap-Ups is available in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. The entire set can be purchased for $44.99, or each Wrap-Up is available individually for 10.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.