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Review: Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

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Throughout my babywearing days I’ve tried out many a ring sling. Time after time though, I return to my Sakura Bloom slings. They’re beautiful, sturdy, and when it comes right down to it – babywearing, and specifically the ease of ring slings are so very useful to parents.

Before I get into the depths of what I love about Sakura Bloom, I’ll start with the basics. Ring slings are one of the more basic babywearing options. With one piece of fabric and 2 rings, mamas and dads are able to snuggle up and carry their little ones in a variety of positions. Ring slings are just one type of way to wear your baby and Sakura Bloom is one of the many brands that make and sell ring slings. Bottom line, babywearing rocks and Sakura Bloom is part of that rockin’ world.

So, what’s special about Sakura Bloom?

For one, their colorway collection is to die for! Pause there and just look! They are constantly sourcing new colors for each of their linen, chambray, silk, and specialty lines. And, well, that’s the second wonderful thing. Sakura Bloom offers a wide variety of fabrics for their ring slings and each offers unique perks due to that particular fabric’s strengths. In my opinion, and from my experience, here is how they breakdown.

sakura bloom 1

sakura bloom 2


The majority of Sakura Bloom’s slings are made of either linen or silk. They recently launched a deluxe cashmere sling too; and yes, I’m totally swooning over it! But, back to the regular options. Linen is offered in both single layer and double layer. The single layer come in classic and gradient colors. Then, there is a double layer linen in an array of chambray colors. Silk offerings are all double layer for added strength but come in a simple version, two layers of the same color, and an essential version, two layers of two different colors. A full breakdown and description of each option is available here.


With my middle son, I’ve tried the single layer classic and simple silk. I preferred the classic when he was under 20 pounds and the silk was a perfect fit for us when he got bigger. But, with my newest little one I added a chambray, in this color, to my collection and it is now my top pick of Sakura Bloom’s slings. Between the fabulous color choices and double layer linen durability I think our chambray will be part of our permanent babywearing stash.

sakura bloom 3

To buy Sakura Bloom slings you can opt to purchase new or used. New is available directly from Sakura Bloom’s site and many baby shops like Cotton Babies and Purple Elm Baby. I tend to look at used first though because slings only get better and more broken in the more they are worn! Facebook has a wonderful Buy/Sell/Trade group and I’ve found slings on Craigslist, OfferUp, and kid’s consignment sales too.

Have you tried a variety of ring slings and/or fabric options? What do you and your little one like the best?

Photos via Sakura Bloom Lookbook and yours truly 🙂

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Friday 5th of April 2019

Hi Gretchen ? Lovely review. Came across it while looking for a cool wrap or sling. Since my baby gets completely damp while in a cotton sling during spring time. Can't even imagine how it'll be on summer. Do you reckon the chambray would be a good pick? Or would you suggest a different fabric option?

Many thanks.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.