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Review: Snuggle Me Baby Lounger

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My youngest is 4 months old and right now he loves wearing hip hats, laughing with his siblings, “reading” during tummy time, and hanging out in his Snuggle Me Organic baby lounger. Life is easy and life is good for this little cutie!

Snuggle Me baby lounger

When I was expecting, I really honed in on what was truly necessarily for my new little one. I minimized clothing and blankets and got rid of half the baby toys. There was one gap in our family’s collection of baby things though and the Snuggle Me organic lounger filled it perfectly. This plush, but safe sensory lounger was created to “hug” babies when their mama or dad couldn’t. And it does just that!

The unpadded center of the Snuggle Me lounger takes on the firmness of the surface it is placed on while the sides offer a cozy envelope. While snuggled inside, babies get that womb-like feeling and perhaps best of all, the Snuggle Me can help deter premature waking. Yay for longer nap times!

But what makes the Snuggle Me extra special? They explain it best:

The magic is in the Snuggle Me’s slightly raised and unpadded patented center sling. The Snuggle Me will gently pull in against baby, giving the feeling of a hug. This is a unique, patented center sling feature only found in the Snuggle Me.

And my son and I agree, the Snuggle Me is a magical, safe place to lounge, play, and sleep. He loves snuggling up when I need to prepare a meal or tend to one of his siblings and the Snuggle Me has been a dream when it comes to rest time. I normally rock him to sleep (because really, how could I not want those squishy cheeks in my arms?), but when I can’t, Snuggle Me to the rescue! He gets that hug feeling and settles easily more often than not.

snuggle me organic reviews
snuggle me organize safety reviews

How to wash Snuggle Me Organic Lounger, you ask? As a mom I particularly love the washing ease of the Snuggle Me, because, let’s face it, babies spit up and leak on occasion and thus, washing becomes necessary. The Snuggle Me cover and the lounger itself can be machine washed on cold, gentle settings and dried part way on low heat and then air drying to finish. Snuggle Me also offers a custom size puddle pad to layer between the cover and lounger, and I, for one, think that’s just brilliant. It’s definitely easier to pop offer the cover and wash it and the puddle pad rather than the entire bundle.

From the early days when baby is cradled entirely in the center to the days when baby’s legs drape over the bottom (it’s designed that way, so don’t worry!), the Snuggle Me is a must for the 0-6 crowd. It comes in three varieties — Original, Organic, and Wool — and there is a wonderful selection of modern cover prints in addition to the natural featured here. Each Snuggle Me is made in the USA and they’re all hypoallergenic. Prices range from $120-298.

snuggle me reviews
snuggle me organic lounger

With a 30 day Love It Guarantee, there is no reason not to let your little one try out a Snuggle Me of their own! 

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