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Shopping Cart Safety: A Safer Solution for Baby with Safe-Dock

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Shopping Cart Safety: A Safer Solution for Baby with Safe-Dock

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When my babies were little, grocery shopping was always a challenge. Not only did I try to get in and out of the store in lightning speed before my baby created a scene but it was always so tricky to figure out the best way to shop with the baby.

For years, we’ve seen other parents prop or “balance” their infant carriers on the shopping carts so we just assumed it was okay. I’ll admit it, I was completely guilty of this type of shopping at the beginning. Yet, that dangerous practice is anything but okay and when we know better, we do better.

Did you know that shopping carts are one of the leading causes of head injuries in young children? Horrifying, right?! Unaware of the warnings, many parents continue to balance infant seats on the top of shopping carts creating a fall hazard and putting their baby in danger. As a result, hundreds of preventable accidents occur to infants in retail stores each year. It can happen in a split second and it looks like this.

Shopping Cart Safety

We all know that shopping with a baby is never an easy task especially if you are doing it alone at a grocery store.

But what do you do when you are shopping with your baby? Putting your infant carrier inside the basket of the cart leaves no room for all your groceries. Balancing the infant carrier on the top of the cart is too dangerous because it creates an opportunity for the carrier to fall and crash to the ground with your precious baby inside. Baby wearing is an option, but that doesn’t always work for every parent. Pushing your baby in a stroller and pulling a shopping cart is not only tricky but doesn’t leave you hands free to grab groceries or tend to another child.

Thankfully now there is a better way! The Safe-Dock is a better, safer experience for you and your baby. The Safe-Dock is the first universal car seat docking station for shopping carts. Yep, it securely holds most infant carriers sold in the US, allowing parents with infants to conveniently transition the infant carrier from car to cart for a simpler and safer shopping experience. Plus, the Safe-Dock has been extensively tested with all models of shopping carts used in the nation’s leading retailers for stability and it passes with flying colors.

Here’s how it works:

  • Remove your baby’s infant carrier from your vehicle without disturbing your baby.
  • Set the infant carrier on the Safe-Dock and secure the Safe-Dock strap around the infant carrier and tighten until snug.
  • Get your shopping down with peace of mind and a shopping basket that is completely free for all your groceries.

Shopping cart safety is very serious and we need your help spreading the message on how dangerous this popular “balancing act” practice is for shopping parents and let them know that there is a solution offered with the Safe-Dock. Set an example and try out a Safe-Dock on your next shopping trip.

You can visit to see if your local retailer offers Safe-Dock. If it doesn’t, you can request your store manager purchase Safe-Dock by filling out the contact form on the Safe-Dock website, and they will work to get Safe-Dock in your preferred store as soon as possible so that they can create a safer and simpler shopping experience for babies and parents.

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Safe-Strap. As always, all our thoughts and opinions are our own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.