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Summer Bucket List

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Summer is here and every family needs…. a summer bucket list! What is that, you ask?  It’s simply a list of things you and your kids want to do before the summer is over and the kids are back in school! So we’re sharing tips on making one, what should be on yours, and what’s on mine!

summer bucket list
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Tips for making your bucket list:

1. Have everyone in the family contribute.

2. Set a number if you want to limit activities. For example, let everyone in the family choose 3-5 things they would like to do before the summer is over. That way there are ideas from everyone, but you’re not stressed out with too many things.

3. Write your ideas on a big poster board, chalk board, or something big and display it proudly in your home.

4. No idea is too small or silly. This is all about you and YOUR family so everyone’s list will be different. Don’t overlook or laugh at any ideas, all ideas are good ideas!

5. Keep an open mind. This should really be about what your kids want to do and fun things you can do as a family.

6. Use your bucket list for not only fun activities, but goals you want to accomplish as well.

My Bucket List:

Here are some of the things on our bucket list (mostly made by my three year old son)

-Go to the beach.

-Go to grandma’s house.

-Go fishing with daddy.

-Go see a movie and eat popcorn.

-Find a water park to enjoy for the day.

-Have playdates with friends.

-Go to a restaurant and only order dessert.

See? Your bucket list can include anything and everything! So what should be on YOUR bucket list this summer? Here are some ideas for you!

-Go to the beach, a local swimming pool, or a water park.

-Learn to cook something together as a family.

-Go for a hike or a bike ride outdoors.

-Go to a zoo or local amusement park.

-Go fruit picking.

-Spend the whole day unplugged away from your phones and computers.

-Make s’mores.

-Put goals on your bucket list like potty training or having your little ones learn their ABCs.

-Hold a yard sale together.

-Raise money for a charity by doing something fun like a family run or running a lemonade stand.

The point of the bucket list is to have fun and think of adventures for you and  your family. If your family has made a summer bucket list leave us a comment and share what’s on yours!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.