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10 Tips On Saving Money While Grocery Shopping

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Who doesn’t want to save money while grocery shopping?! I know I do! Be it coupons, mobile apps, or buying in bulk, I bet we could all stand to save a little the next time we go out to buy our weekly groceries. Today I’ve rounded up some tips for doing just that.

Grocery Store Tips

1) Plan Ahead. Ever notice that if you go to the grocery store without a list or plan of what you’re going to make and serve that week, you always end up spending more? It happens to me every single time without fail. Before you hit the store, write down a plan of what meals you’re going to make, what snacks your kids need, and what baking ingredients you’re out of. That way you get everything on your list but nothing extra that will waste your money.

2) Take a surprise for your kids. If you’re shopping with kids, they tend to ask for this and that when they’re bored and sitting in the cart. These extras add up! Whatever it is your kids love that will keep them busy- raisins, cheerios, fruit roll up etc, take it along with you so your kids won’t think they need to buy everything they see.

3) Buy produce in season. Food in season is usually priced the best. Notice how your favorite fruits are dirt cheap one week and then a month later they are sky rocket high? Buy what’s in season to save!

4) Use coupons and be a smart shopper. Buy the Sunday paper, cut coupons, and use them. One of the easiest and best ways to save! Google coupons for certain brands- you can save so much over the year. Also, be sure to look up and down the shelves at the store: grocery stores are smart and know to put expensive brands at eye level. Look down low and up high for more affordable options.

5) Take your own bags. In our city, we actually get charged for bags if we don’t bring our own and more cities will soon follow. This keeps our environment clean and saves you money if you bring your own.

6) Use your leftovers. Brown bagging is cool! It lets you eat leftovers for lunch so no food is going to waste and you aren’t spending money on fast food each week.

7) Save on protein foods. I’m a vegetarian and my husband isn’t. The bulk of our money each week goes to my husbands expensive meat choices. That’s all fine and dandy but try doing a meat free option once or twice a week to save money!

8) Use mobile apps. Lots of mobile apps offer big savings each time  you go to the store. Try downloading ones like Saving Star or Grocery iQ.

9) Go generic. I used to be wary of generic brands but let me tell you, often times they’re the same! One of Baby Gizmo editors’ family members works for a huge chip producing factory. They make the same chips, and package them in different bags for each grocery stores/brands. Some stores charge more, and some charge less- for the same chips! Check the labels and compare next time, and if they look the same to you too, go generic and save!

10) Buy and cook in bulk. 90% of what my son and I eat is produce. Just simple fruits and vegetables all day long. Because we eat so much of it, I’ve started making a weekly trip to Costco to buy our fruits and vegetables in bulk. This has saved us so much! Instead of taking three trips to Trader Joes each week, I now only make the one trip and my wallet is thanking me. Cooking in bulk saves you time and you can always freeze leftovers to eat later!

What are your tips for saving money on groceries? Leave a comment and let us know!

How do you save money while grocery shopping? If you’ve got tips for our readers, leave us a comment and share!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.