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Pottery Barn Outlet – My Disneyland

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Yes, I’m going to admit it, I’m kind of a Pottery Barn junkie. Whether it is Pottery Barn or the kids and teens options, or the Pottery Barn Outlet, I just LOVE the style. As soon as those catalogs hit our mailbox, I’m on the couch drooling over all the things that I wish I could afford. I want to grab those rooms right off the pages and copy them in my house piece by piece. Seriously, it’s just my style.

pottery barn outlet

The problem is that Pottery Barn isn’t cheap. It’s pretty expensive for the normal family. I was in love with the Banks Dining Room Table but just wasn’t prepared to drop $3500-$5000 on an entire kitchen table set that inevitably one of my kids would jam a fork into during a spur of the moment tantrum over broccoli. So, I went with a cheaper version. Not exactly the same but I wouldn’t have a complete heart attack if the 4 year old “accidentally” colored on it with a Sharpie.

I’m always waiting for big Pottery Barn sales but 10% just isn’t going to cut it most of the time. Sure, I get a piece here and there, but wouldn’t it be nice to find BIG discounts?

Well, my dream just came true. With my big move to North Carolina came the store of my dreams just an hour away. A Pottery Barn OUTLET. Ahhhhhh – that is heaven singing!!! Just over the state border in Gaffney, South Carolina is a glorious Pottery Barn Outlet stuffed with the kinds of discounts I was dreaming of!

I couldn’t help myself, I had to go to the outlet the first week that I moved in. I just need so much for the house and thought that it would be the best place to start. Plus, I was going specifically to look for one of the Tree House Twin Beds from PBK or Sleep & Study Lofts from Pottery Barn Teen for the kids’ rooms. Unfortunately, they not only didn’t have any of those beds but will never have any because “they aren’t allowed to sell them,” they told me. I guess I will have to resort to my plan B of making them because I certainly don’t want to pay $1500+ a bed but we really want them!

So, just in case you visit a Pottery Barn Outlet, they told me that they are not allowed to sell the loft beds there. Who knew, right?!

Okay, so that is the only bad news. The good news is that this store has SO much awesome stuff at big discounts! It’s still Pottery Barn so nothing is free but there are tons of great deals to get!

Let’s start with the furniture. There is a whole section of PBK furniture. Sure, a lot of it is mismatch furniture but the day I was there it was an additional 40% off the already discounted price. Most of the furniture isn’t perfect – scratches and dents – but that is actually how I prefer to buy my kids’ furniture – at a deep discount with its first few marks on it. That way, I won’t lose my sh*t when they scratch it. Which they will.

Pottery Barn Outlet inside the store

Yes, they even have cribs! How adorable is this one?!?

Pottery Barn outlet a white crib

Another reason that I wish I would have lived closer to an outlet before is that they have PBK kitchens! Yep, the adorable kitchens that many of us love but at a discount. Now, the price tag doesn’t reflect a huge discount because this one is only $50 off the original price of $399 BUT remember that the Outlet has sales all the time that give an additional 20-50% off the already marked down price. This would have been gold when my daughter was a toddler! As it was, my 4-year-old son couldn’t stop playing with the kitchens while we were there.

pink play kitchen

They have much more than just kid’s furniture in the rest of the store. There was an entire section of sofas, chairs, dining tables, end tables and even patio furniture. I was a little mad that I didn’t spend more time looking at the patio furniture during my visit but my kids were expiring fast. They just aren’t good shoppers and it was just them and me.

I was excited to see kitchen stools, such as these three, but we ultimately decided that they weren’t the perfect fit for our new kitchen.

kitchen stools on a shelf

I did pick up one of these Entryway Organizers Mirrors at more than 50% off and it was new in the box! It just happened to be the special of the week and I have the PERFECT spot in my home for it!

mirror and hanger

While I didn’t get time to go through all of them, this was the corner of rugs. This would take some serious time to find what you are looking for BUT if you wanted to grab a great rug at 20-50% off (and it was an ADDITIONAL 25% off this week!), it would be worth the time. My kids just didn’t let me take that time. By the time I got to this section, people were starting to stare. :/

shelves full of pottery barn rugs

While I plan to go back to the Outlet next week to really get some shopping done, we didn’t do too badly this day! Besides the big entryway mirror (which we had to pick up in the back!), we scored two adorable shark chairs with a matching umbrella, a welcome mat, mermaid shower curtain, pink butterfly towels, and a great, girl’s suitcase.

little girl with card full of pottery barn outlet purchases

Since the Outlet inventory constantly changes and you never know what you’ll find, next week I plan to scout out the patio furniture, kitchen stools, kid furniture and rugs again. I’d love to find a Cushy Lounge Super Sectional for the playroom but I’m not holding my breath because the store employees said that they rarely get anything from Pottery Barn Teen. Here’s to hoping! 🙂

Pottery Barn Teen couch
Pottery Barn Teen Cushy Lounge Super Sectional

To see if there is a Pottery Barn Outlet near you, check here!

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Thursday 7th of August 2014

Practically drooling at the thought. Too bad the nearest to me is 92 miles away. I bet my husband is grateful for that.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.