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Holiday World Amusement Park TRAVEL GUIDE

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Are you looking for a fun summer getaway destination? Maybe somewhere not so far from home or maybe somewhere you’ve never been before? We live in the Midwest and are always looking for a fun place to spend a weekend without having to drive forever to get there. Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana is the perfect place for a little getaway full of family fun.

It is a theme park and a water park, all in one, and all for one low admission price. There is no paying for this park and then paying for the next park. Nope. It’s just one low price. Adult tickets are $39.95 online and guests under 54” and seniors are $34.95. Children two and under are free. Parking is free as well.

holiday world

So why is this Holiday World so much better than others?

Well, for starters it is the most family-friendly place I have ever been to. It is built for families. It is owned by a family and they do a great job making sure that it is fun for all ages. They offer free sunscreen all day, every day. There are lots of sunscreen kiosks located all over the park where you can reapply all day long. I love that. But what I love even more is that they offer free drinks all day, every day. You don’t have to buy an expensive $10 souvenir cup for free refills either. That’s not what I’m talking about. I mean that you get unlimited free drinks ALL DAY. There are areas labeled as “Oasis” all over the park and you just walk right in, get a cup, and fill it up. They offer tea, water, fruit punch, or Pepsi products. It’s wonderful because I don’t feel like I’m going broke just buying drinks for the family.

They also have a huge variety of food too. It is reasonably priced and it is very good. They offer choices for those with food allergies or vegetarians, as well.

Splashin' Safari - Photo Credit: Holiday World
Splashin’ Safari – Photo Credit: Holiday World

Holiday World Waterpark – Splashin’ Safari

The waterpark side of the park is called Splashin’ Safari. It was named the Best Waterpark in the USA by USA Today in 2013. Yes, it’s that good. Other waterparks I have been to do not even compare to Splashin’ Safari. Wave pools? Check. They have two. Lazy river? Check. Waterslides? Check. They have too many for me to count. Two of them are the longest water-coasters on the planet. Toddler area? Check. Lots of beach chairs? Check. Cabanas to rent? Check. They also offer lockers for rental to storing your clothes while you swim. Each year they add a new slide or ride. Some of their waterslides are big and scary for the risk-takers in the family. Others are smaller and more tame for people like me. Some you go down on rafts (free of course) and others you go down without rafts.

"The Voyage" - Photo Credit: Holiday World
“The Voyage” – Photo Credit: Holiday World

Holiday World Rollercoasters

Holiday World is also known for its coasters. Their roller-coaster The Voyage is the #1 Wooden Roller-Coaster in the United States. It is a great park for the roller-coaster enthusiasts in the family. They have several but they also have a lot of other fun rides other than coasters. They have a toddler area on this side of the park too that is full of fun little rides for the younger ones in the family. Speaking of toddlers, did you know that Santa Claus is there every day? Yep. He sure is. And I think he’s the real deal too. He looks like it to me anyway.

Holiday World Shows

Holiday World also offers several shows to watch as well. And they are, you guessed it, free as well.

I think my all-time favorite thing about Holiday World is that it is super clean! It is clean, clean, clean. Everywhere. Bathrooms are clean. Baby changing areas are clean. Eating areas are clean. The water is clean. You see no trash anywhere, ever, because there are about a million employees who are constantly cleaning. They have been voted the Cleanest Park in the World for over ten years now. That is super impressive in my book. I like clean bathrooms a lot.

The park also offers free wifi. But really, who has time to be online when you’re there? Not me.

So, where is this perfect place? Santa Claus, Indiana is located in Southern Indiana. Holiday World has an awesome website that gives excellent driving directions. Their website can probably answer any questions that you have.

Enjoy the whole town while you are there as well. Santa Claus, Indiana is a neat little town. Everything from street names to store names and hotel names go with the Christmas-theme. I love Christmas and I love everything about this little town. I think I would move there if I could. There is a wonderful campground right next to Holiday World and there are also hotels available nearby as well. There are museums, historic sites, caving, and canoeing all nearby. Also, Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home is just four miles from the park.

If you are looking for a great family-friendly getaway that won’t break the bank, Holiday World is the place to go. You won’t regret it! Oh, and when you go you have to have your picture taken with this Santa. Everybody does!

For more information on Holiday World, visit their website at:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.