Summer Painting Project – Bored Buster

Summer isn’t even half over and it has already started.

“I’m bored.”

“I have nothing to do.”

“No one will play with me.”

“I’m borrrrrrrrrred!”

Gah!!!  Really? Already? I remember saying this as a child but being on the other end as a parent really sucks. Clearly in my mom job description it includes “clown”. One of my many jobs is to be here to amuse my kids.

This week I was ahead of the curve with the “I’m boreds”. I whipped up a summer painting project and miraculously the bored children became happy, occupied kids for a couple hours each afternoon.

Greatest thing about this project is if you put the kids in swimsuits and make sure to buy WASHABLE paint, it’s super easy clean up. They can paint their hands and feet and it all washes off easily. I just hose the kids down when they are done and the mess is gone.

Here’s how I did it.

Summer Painting

What you need: (I bought it all at Walmart!)

Old white bed sheet (or buy a cheap twin/full flat sheet at Walmart for $4.50)

Cheap paint brushes (Walmart has them for $1)


Paint containers (bowls or tupperware works great)

Set up:

1. Put the kids in swimsuits. Spread out the white bed sheet on the lawn. Secure all four corners with tent stakes. You want to secure the sheet or it will either blow away or be nearly impossible to paint on.

2. Pour paint into bowls or containers. Put a paint brush in each bowl.

Summer Painting

3. Let the kids go to town and express their inner Picasso.

Summer Painting

Summer Painting

What are some of your go-to summer project to avoid the “I’m bored”s?