15 Ideas To Put On Your Summer Bucket List

I don’t know about you but I love making a summer bucket list each year of all the things I hope to accomplish before Fall rolls around. Today I put together a list of 15 fun ideas to add to your own summer bucket list.


Ice Chalk
Photo Source: Reading Confetti

Ice Chalk. The perfect activity for a hot summer day.

Minute To Win It Games
Photo Source: Housing A Forest

Minute To Win It Games. Have family competitions this summer with fun minute to win it games!

Apple Smores
Photo Source: Amy New Nostalgia

Apple S’mores. Put making and eating new amazing snacks on your summer bucket list this year! These Apple S’mores look to die for.

Water Fun
Photo Source: Pinterest

Water Fun. Water fun definitely needs to be on your list. There are so many fun ideas out there to try, I especially love this one!

Camping Party
Photo Source: I Can Teach My Child

Camping Party. Camping is a must for the summer time! If you can’t make it out into the actual woods this summer, throw a camping party in the comfort of your own home.

Kool Aid Tie Dye
Photo Source: Education.com

Make Kool Aid Tie Dye. Your kids will love this simple idea for using Kool aid and vinegar to make tie dye.

Bubble Fun
Photo Source: Home School Journal

Bubble Fun. Make a giant bubble wand this summer!

Bucket Toss Game
Photo Source: Pinterest

Bucket Toss Game. For a simple bucket list idea this summer why not try this fun bucket toss game.

Science Fun
Photo Source: Our Best Bites

Science Fun. Have some science fun with your kids and try making these big soap clouds!

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Spray
Photo Source: In The Know Mom

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Spray Another easy and cheap thing to put on your list that will entertain your kids for days!

Fun For Everyone
Photo Source: Over The Big Moon

Fun For Everyone. Think up a creative way to display for summer bucket list. Whether it be on a chalkboard or in a cute jar like this. Take turns picking a paper from the jar each day which will determine what fun thing you do that day!

Summer Bingo
Photo Source: Delia Creates

Summer Bingo. A great way to play and to add more fun ideas to your list.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Sports. Play sports as a family or sign your children up for organized sports this summer!

Outdoor Movie
Photo Source: Babble

Outdoor Movie. Set up an outdoor movie theater in your own backyard!

Photo Source: I Can Do Home Made
Photo Source: I Can Do Home Made

Make Homemade Ice Cream. Get the kids in the kitchen with you for this one.

What’s on your summer bucket list? Leave us a comment and let us know!