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  1. Just had this happen to me. $7 bike tire repair kit online. $10 on the shelf. Then $12 at the register?!? That’s really sketchy target.

  2. I can’t believe this has been happening for years at Target. I don’t have time for games when I’m shopping, so I quit being a Target customer altogether. I’m sure they won’t miss me.

  3. I have had this happen three different times for a price difference of $15.00 each time. And i’m Not talking about pricey items either, in one case it was a fitness hoopla hoop.

  4. I just bought a pack of batteries in the store. I used the app to help me find them since the Target near my house has rearranged its floor plan recently. On the Target app, $4.39. In the store, $16.99, nearly 400% of the price in the app! I was floored. The cashier didn’t want to match the price, actually. She went to go get a manager, who then told her to match it. So ridiculous.

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