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Ten Babywearing Halloween Costumes

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Babywearers, please raise your hands! I am such a sucker for babywearing Halloween costumes. Baby (or toddler, let’s be honest) is snug and warm on your chest or back, and your hands are free to help your older kids – or eat that Kit Kat you snagged from their treat bag. Your child gets to see the action happening around them instead of from a stroller or wagon, and perhaps they’ll even take a nap! My daughter loves to snooze on my chest, regardless of what’s happening around her.

babywearing costumes

There are so many funny, creative, and just plain awesome costume ideas out there. I am rounding up my top ten costumes here to help you find the costume that best fits your personality and style. Some of these costumes require a bit of prep work, so you’ll likely want to get started early creating your costume. Please let us know what costumes you’ll be making or have made in the past – post them on our Facebook page or in the comments below!

Babywearing Halloween Costumes

1. Bee Keeper

bee keeper

This costume is so funny – you simply need to cut a bee costume to adhere to your forward facing carrier, and then create a bee keeper costume for the wearer.

2. Sushi and Chef 

sushi chef

I am obsessed with this costume. A little felt, hot glue, and creativity is all it takes to recreate this one!

3. Leprechaun and Pot O’ Gold

pot o gold costume

This costume set is amazing! It’s so creative and relatively easy to put together.

4. E.T. and Elliot

et and elliot costume

My husband would be all over this one. A simple red zip up hooded sweatshirt is all the wearer needs, and the baby’s portion of the costume is really simple as well.

5. Spider and Web

spider and web

This one would need to be adapted to make it for a carrier, but that is a simple fix. So cute!

6. Pokemon Go!


The creator of this costume wrote up detailed instructions to recreate this one. Pokemon is so current right now, I’m sure you could easily convince an older child to participate in this costume family!

7. Peter Pan and Wendy

peter pan and wendy

Ahhh, I love this as a whole family costume theme. Dad looks especially great in that wig 😉

8. Rapunzel in her Tower

rapunzel baby wearing costume

This costume set is incredible!! The website features basic directions if you want to recreate this for yourself, and I definitely think you should.

9. Baker and Cupcake


Again, an adorable DIY costume that you can probably put together in a short time. Mom is dressed as a baker, complete with a chef’s hat, and the carrier is decorated like a cupcake.

10. Alan and Baby Carlos

hangover costume

If your husband is willing to participate, this costume is hilarious and so easy to pull off. Bonus points if he has a real beard!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.