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These Unique Pizza Toppings Become Insta-Favorites

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Growing up pizza was my favorite food. I always requested it for my birthday – tiny pepperoni and black olives, pretty please! Not the most unique pizza, but delicious just the same.

For years I assumed pepperoni was the only way to go. And then my sister introduced me to a taco pizza. Whoa! Yum! And so different! From there I started branching out. Trying more, unique pizzas with a vast array of toppings. Now I prescribe to the ideology that the “weirder” the ingredients, often, the better pizza outcome!

Take a peek at these unique pizza topping combination, they are sure to become insta-favorites!

rectangle pizza with blackberries and cheese

Three Cheese Blackberry Pesto Pizza from Baby Gizmo — Oh yes, berries on pizza are a total win!

piece of french onion pizza on a cutting board

French Onion Pizza from Erica’s Recipes — Bring on the veggies in a perfectly gourmet way.

chicken and spinach pizza cut into pieces on cutting board

Chicken and Spinach Naan Bread Pizza from The Kitchen Wife — It’s true, naan is a wonderful and easy pizza base. Try it!

full potato pizza on cutting board not cut

The Best Potato Pizza from The Copenhagen Tales — I first tried potatoes on pizza at a local restaurant, and yes, I was skeptical, but holy moly, potatoes DO belong on pizza. Who knew?!?

fig pizza with one slice cut out

Fig Pizza with Goat Cheese & Prosciutto from Everyday Reading — Figs are such an underrated ingredient, but lately I’ve been trying them in lots of recipes, pizza included!

taco pizza on pizza pan with one slice removed

Taco Pizza from The Girl Who Ate Everything — Oh yes, Mexican night can merge with Italian night!

steak and blue cheese pizza cut into 6 pieces

Steak & Blue Cheese Pizza from A Taste of Home — It’s a full meal in one bite!

thai pizza with one piece cut and set on top

Thai Sweet Chili Pork Pizza from Creme de la Crumb — A touch of spice with a dose of protein, win!

pear, gorgonzola and hazelnut pizza slice on white plate

Pear, Gorgonzola and Hazelnut Pizza with Mixed Greens from Creative Culinary — Cross my heart, hazelnuts are the most underrated nut. Paired with pear and gorgonzola (with a mini salad on top) and you’ve got yourself a dynamite bite!

Do you have a unique pizza combo favorite? We’d love to hear!

three different pizza combinations

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.