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Tips On Keeping Your Busy Life In Order

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Chances are you live a pretty busy life- I think we all do! Whether you’re a busy stay at home mom who is constantly balancing the cooking and cleaning or a working mom who juggles her job plus all of the household duties, we could all do with a few tips to help us juggle our daily tasks. Life can be overwhelming, schedules can be daunting, and the constant never ending list of things to do can make us want to scream sometimes. Don’t fret, today we’ve got some great tips on keeping your busy life in order!

-Always have a plan. Having a plan is your new secret weapon. Make lists of everything you need to do, and include deadlines of when each task needs to be completed by. Be realistic in your plan so that you aren’t disappointed when everything isn’t done and so you don’t commit to doing too much.

-Wake up 15 minutes before your children to have a 15 minute vacation. Read a magazine, do the dishes, sit and have a cup of coffee. I do this every day. Sometimes I try to get up 30 minutes before my son so I can have even more time to myself. It’s a great way to start your day at peace.

-Focus on one thing each day. Mondays are my cooking days when I try to make extra meals that freeze well for the rest of the week. Fridays are always my grocery shopping days. Try to tackle one big thing a day, like the laundry (folding and putting away? Gah!) or whatever else you need to do, and pat yourself on the back when it gets done!

-Clean things up ONCE. I used to clean toys and messes up from my house constantly. My son would dump out the entire contents of his toy chest about ten times every day and I would continually pick it up and put things away. I quickly learned that it would be much easier to just let the mess be and clean everything up once at night after he went to bed. If you can do this, it might just save you some time.

-Lay clothes out the night before. If you’ve got your day planned before it’s started, you’re already ahead of the game.

-Keep a notepad/iPhone next to your bed (if it’s your phone, be sure to put it on airplane mode at night!). You know that little icon on your phone that says “Reminders”? Use it! I constantly type in things I don’t want to forget or errands I need to run the next day.

-Utilize technology. There are some great apps that are free and perfect for keeping your busy schedule in order. Errands To Do List is a great one for making simple to do lists. My Shopping List is another great app perfect to use for grocery days. Download some free ones and choose your favorites!

-Be smart with your time. Easier said than done, right? Something that I always struggle with is not procrastinating. Being smart with your time means dividing and conquering your work load. Do what you absolutely need to now, and the rest the next day. It’s okay to have a to-do list so long as you get to it in a timely manner. Some things can wait a little.

Meal plan. This is a huge time saver and also a money saver! Instead of buying everything you see when you go grocery shopping, you can make a list of what you actually need for the week and you will probably buy less.

-Saying no. Sometimes its okay to say no and I think it’s important to hear that. We can overwhelm ourselves with taking on too many extra things for our children, our partners, families, friends, but we need to put our own needs first. Know that it’s okay to say no sometimes if you don’t have time!

Prioritize. A clearly defined list of priorities will keep you on top of things and help you meet deadlines of things that need to happen first.

-Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need help whether we like to admit it or not, so don’t be afraid to delegate chores or tasks around the house to other family members or people who are willing to help you! That’s what makes the world go round!

What are some of your best tips on keeping your busy life organized? What works for you? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.