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  1. We did some moving twice in the past 3 years. First, when our house was sold. Second, when we had to move to my mom’s old property from my in-laws’ house. From my experience, packing isn’t fun. Good thing we still had a househelp during those times (I was pregnant during our second move!).

  2. In doing these important shared tips mentioned above would really entail success in terms of your relocation concerns. Organizing and planing ahead of your desired schedule definitely eliminate time and efforts.

  3. I’ve moved 7 times in the past 7 years, twice cross country and can tell you first hand that it’s never fun but being organized and on top of things can make for a much more joyful experience. If you don’t have a home alarm system (you should) but a wireless system is the way to go because they can easily move with you with out having to worry about wiring or any hardware. I documented my experience of moving my home alarm system when I moved last summer and thought it would be helpful for anyone else who is getting ready to make the move. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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