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  1. 5 stars
    This recipe is wild, currently have my second batch in the oven now! However I went a little extreme and put Oreo cookies on top of the sugar cookie layer and THEN top it with brownie. The first time I only put half the tray with Oreos and it was such a hit that this time I layered that entire bad boy up!

  2. Actually, toffee is made from butter and sugar. The almonds are added after the chocolate is put on top of the candy. I suppose some manufacturers might add almonds to the candy before its cooled but it’s not typical. Heath bar candy does not have almonds, though the label will warn you that it is produced in a factory that contains peanuts. If you were concerned about the almond/toffee thing, you can easily make it yoursf. 2 cups of butter, 2 cups of sugar, a dash of salt and some time spent cooking on the stove. It’s pretty easy. Google the Alton Brown recipe if you’re interested. 🙂

  3. ty for this recipe I am the only one in my house allergic to peanuts and Im always looking for a great peanut free treat that the whole famliy loves and we all love everything you put in this lol

  4. These look wonderful, but if you have an allergy to peanuts you might need to stay away from these OR leave the Heath bar’s out, as they are made with almonds. My son is not only allergic to peanuts, but all tree nuts as well. Thanks for the great recipe ideas!

  5. Just an FYI. People that are allergic to nuts usualy cannot have toffee bits. I guess it is made with almonds or something like that. I however am not, and I can’t wait to tr this out!

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