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  1. I love you forever for writing this!!! So eloquently written and to the point. As a fellow High Risk OB Sonographer your words are so greatly appreciated. ❤️

  2. Thank you for sharing what a sonographer actually does during an ultrasound. I imagine it’s not always 100 percent consistent with the movies. If I were expecting, I’d want as clear an image as possible of my baby.

  3. Thank you Sarah, what a well needed article; not only for patients but also for Physicians, nurses , and Administrators????

  4. Thanks for writing this Sarah! It’s beautifully penned with a thoughtful and empathetic heart.
    Your patient’s are lucky to have you for their sonographer. Stay blessed!

    Debbie Quintero
    RDMS, RT, RN

  5. Love this! Thank you for hearing our concerns and being another voice that ultrasound is a medical exam and our job as sonographers is important.

  6. Fabulous! Well written article and something that needed to be said!
    Jennifer McDow RDMS(AB, OB/GYN), RVT(VT)

  7. Wonderfully written! Thanks for a very accurate description of a job very few understand the full weight of.

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