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  1. I loved this for about 2 weeks until my son accidentally turned his off and lost it in the house somewhere in the black hole where all the odd socks go. The fact that it can’t be turned back on remotely is also scary. What if my child is kidnapped and the kidnapper turns it off. Then I have nothing to locate it or reach my child. That feature seriously needs to be updated through the software. I can’t afford to continually buy new ones because my child looses it in our home and it won’t make a sound when I am trying to locate it if it is turned off. Dumbest feature ever!!

  2. 100% agree! I hate that you can’t track it when it’s off so you should be able to turn it back on, enabling you to track. I also dislike the long prompts to call. They can only call 2 contacts, so maybe just have 2 butttons you can click 2 times (to avoid pushing on accident) 1 for mom and 2 for Dad….instead it talks, requires you to push a series of buttons to call…THIS is why my kids need it off bc they accidentally hit buttons in school, making noise, so they have them off BUT THEN you can’t track it. It is what it is for now…

  3. “There should be a “Do not Disturb button Because i have a mom that Calls me all the time to speak to my son This would be great for my kid when at school

  4. I recently got my 7 year old the gizmopal watch and I love it!!! We give it a big 10. I can track my son when he at school , he able to call me from school. It’s a must hVe for your child!!!

  5. One question I have. Can u disable ur child from dialing out from the gizmopal 2? Worried our almost 5 yr old will calls us from her classroom once she starts kindergarten.

  6. Thanks for the review! We have Verizon so I was looking at these. Think starting with the Gizmo 2 sounds great. I just want to be able to keep tabs. If you upgrade to Gizmo Gadget I would love to hear your thoughts! You made my hunt for a smart watch for my 8 year old easier for sure

  7. What annoys me is when setting up contacts you can only use predetermined names such as “son” or “mommy” etc. They should have given a custom option where you could actually put the name of the person you are calling so the Gizmo says “calling Uncle Pete” or “calling Mary” etc.

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