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  1. You forgot to mention rider switch passes – that way both adults get to ride the ride without waiting in crazy long lines (as long as you get there first thing as you mentioned!). Also taking advantage of single rider isn’t really a small children tip, but it will make the adult waiting with the kids wait for less time.

    And you can have more than one fastpass at a time – you can get a new fastpass when your fp comes due OR 2 hours after you get it, whichever comes first. It will say on your fp ticket hen you can get another one

    Great tips 😀

  2. Really, Linda? Thanks for letting me know! Every time we have gone they’ve made us, and everyone else, collapse our strollers and never told us we could keep it open in the front row. Maybe it was because the trams were full? In any case, I will definitely ask about that next time!

  3. Not true that you have to collapse your stroller on the tram. You just go on the front row and they will let you keep your stroller completely upright no matter what the size.

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