What to Watch Out for with Teenage Bullying

We’ve covered the subject of bullying many times on Baby Gizmo. As a matter of fact, we’ve made multiple music videos tackling this sensitive subject from our original viral parodies “Nothin’ Holding Me Back” and “In My Feelings” about bullying from the child’s perspective to one that was a message to the parents called “Memories”.

With back-to-school season upon us, we know that bullying is a topic that we need to keep revisiting. Why? Because it’s still happening at a rampant pace whether kids are in the classrooms or virtual learning and those who are bullied are NOT okay.

This new music video is a PSA that shows bullying comes in all forms. It’s not just the kid, who for whatever reason wants to pick on or torment your kid, but can be the former best friend that had a falling out with your child and becomes the bully. While all types of bullying are harmful, this former best friend kind can sometimes go undetected by parents. It’s important to pay attention to what is happening in your child’s life (especially in middle school!) so that you can spot the signs of bullying before they do serious damage.

Enjoy our parody and please share with your friends so that we can get spread awareness.