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Why I Only Buy Hunter Rain Boots For My Kids

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I only buy Hunter rain boots for my kids.

I know that statement sounds a little snotty. Not my intention though! It’s just the facts. Why buy Hunter rain boots? Are Hunter boots worth buying? I only buy Hunter kids boots because I’ve lived and learned and now understand what a great investment they are. Listen to this logic and I think you’ll be on board with my plan!

hunter boots kids

First, here’s the confession bit… Hunter rain boots run $55-80. So much for kid’s shoes! But, again, you have to think of these shoes as an investment and be smart about how you purchase. Then it begins to make sense.

toddler hunter boots

So, the strategy …

  • Don’t pay full price. I have yet to pay $80 for a pair and my oldest is 6 years old. Between my three kids I’ve purchased a few used pairs in the $20-30 range and have found a number of great sales for $40-50 for brand new pairs.
  • Buy during the summer. You know when rain boots go on sale? When it isn’t raining! You’ll rarely find a sale in the fall or winter, but once the sun starts shining you’ll start to see stores clear out their winter stock. And that’s when you swoop in. 25-30% off on Hunters is a good deal so watch for those sales!
  • Don’t buy every size. I’m sure official shoe people would advise against this, but I aim to only buy every other size for my kids. For example, this year my daughter is a size 13 in shoes, but last spring I bought size 1 girls Hunter boots for her to wear this winter. This year, she’ll wear the 1s with thicker wool socks. Next year, when I anticipate that she will actually be a size 1, she’ll wear thinner socks. Two years for the price of one!
  • Buy gender neutral colors. Hunter boots do not crack or wear down. Whether they are technically boys Hunter boots or girls Hunter boots – they all just look like Hunter rain boots for kids! I’ve had my women’s pair for eons and they still look brand new. My kid’s pairs have held up amazing too. That said, plan to hand these boots down to multiple children. Stick with classic green, black, or red and both boys and girls can rock their Hunters.
  • Buy used if you can. I mentioned that I bought a pair for $20. That was at a consignment sale a few years back. I keep my eye on OfferUp, eBay, and my local BST group on Facebook too.
  • Resell to fund the next pair. Once your final child grows out of their Hunters – sell them! It’s pretty easy to recoup half of whatever you spent.

There you have it! That’s how I make $80 rain boots affordable for my kids!

Now, why Hunters? Why go to all this trouble for rain boots? Well, for one, I live in the Pacific Northwest so rain is the real deal here. We need boots and we need them to do their job well. Every other brand of rain boots my kids have had have leaked or cracked. And that’s no good! Hunter rain boots are mega durable and we’ve never experienced a leak. Their durability leds them to being great hand me downs and hand me downs are one of the best ways to save money. Plus, I love the classic Hunter look. These boots can easily pair with skirts, leggings, jeans, and more. Versatile shoes are always a win!

Do you love Hunters for your kids? What color are they sporting this winter?

And, if you don’t have any yet, start shopping around! Keep your eye on the Hunter website, Nordstrom, and Amazon for discontinued colors and other sales!

Hunter Rain boots for Kids

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.