10 Best Babywearing Costumes Ever!

Halloween is the perfect time for babywearing moms and dads to use their creativity, transforming all your family members with awesome and hilarious costumes. Or, if you’re like me, get pit stains in Hobby Lobby trying to figure out how to magically acquire costume making skills in under a week. If you’ve got tiny ones that you are wearing and need some ideas for what to do, or just want to get a giggle from some other super creative parents, check out the…

10 Best Babywearing Costumes Ever!


Oscar the Grouch via Happy Bambino

Best Babywearing Costumes Ever

E.T. and Elliot via Wrap Your Baby

7cef32b0f4e811bbc7c68a1486d34ed8Robber and Money Bag via Pinterest

Best Babywearing Costumes Ever

Life-size Video Game Costume via Laughing Squid


Bag of Popcorn Costume via This Place is Now A Home


Sushi and Sushi Chef via Wrap Your Baby


Alien Baby via Pinterest


Aliens Power Loader via The Stir


Bee and Bee Keeper via Babble


Tony the Tiger and Frosted Flakes via Costume Works