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10 Creative Ways to Personalize a Gift Card

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There are some people out there who think gift cards aren’t a good gift idea for loved one because it’s not personal or creative enough. I have a question for people of this opinion: What if you could still give gift cards but personalize it in such a way that it’s obvious you put more thought, effort and creativity into the idea?

Here are 10 creative ideas in which you can do just that! Personalize the way you give those cards:

1) Smash and Grab: For the manly man in your life, some disassembly is required! Man Crates will send you a concrete smash brick with your choice of gift card code inside to his favorite manly store preference (such as Best Buy, Nike, Buffalo Wild Wings or The Home Depot). The price includes the concrete brick he must demolish, safety goggles, a hammer, and the cost of the gift card code inside.

personalize smash

2) Glitter boxes: Have your kids help decorate these empty thumbtack boxes with glitter, googly eyes, stickers, etc. to add an inexpensive but thoughtful touch to your gift card present. Get the quick instructions from Rosyscription!

personalize glitter box

3) DIY snow globes: Easy to make but endlessly adorable, this is a great way to gift a card to anyone on your list. See how to make it over on Smarty Had A Party!

personalize snow globe

4) Felt envelope: Like to sew? Use those skills with this easy-to-make felt envelope that’s cute and unique and easy to personalize. See the tutorial from Paper & Stitch.

5) Put it in a cute wallet: You’d be the winner of Christmas if you filled every card slot in the wallet with a legitimate gift card! But let’s say you don’t have that kind of money (I know I don’t) and you need a great White Elephant gift. Fill the slots with empty/used gift cards and one or two real cards and make the recipient figure out which have money on them and which are duds! Hey, they’re getting a cute wallet with the gift card so it ends up being a win-win!

personalize wallet

6) Maze box puzzle: Don’t make it easy for your recipient to get their prize! Give them a challenge and extra fun as they solve the puzzle in order to retrieve their gift card.

personalize maze

7) Gift Card-igans: For the knitter, here’s your chance to do something perfectly personalized for your loved one. Skip the sweater this year and knit a card-igan to give your gift card in! See how to from Simply Notable.

personalize cardigans

8) Candy mason jar: At first glance, it just looks like a big jar of their favorite candy but as they eat through it, they’ll find a nice, added surprise of a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store!

9) Felt ornament holder: Two gifts in one—the card and the cute ornament you handmade that they can now hang on their Christmas tree! Find the instructions at Leaf & Letter.

personalize ornament

10) Santa Sacks: Spruce up an already cute red burlap bag to make it looks like Santa’s sack with the tutorial from That’s What Che Said.

personalize santa bag

Happy gifting, Baby Gizmo Family!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.