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10 Hot Dog Recipes

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Nothing screams “SUMMER” more than the smell of food cooking on the grill.  At our house, hot dogs are a go-to grill food in the summer because they are a guaranteed hit with the kids. 

Hot Dog recipes

The only downside is that sometimes mom and dad get a tad sick of eating them the same old way.  Here are 10 new ways to prepare hot dogs so parents and kids can eat happy all summer long.

Muffuletta Hotdog
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Muffuletta Hotdogs

A New Orleans staple, the muffuletta sandwich is a delicious combination of flavors and textures.  This recipes adapts that combination to the hot dog. Yum!

Reuben Hotdog
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Reuben Hotdogs

Every dad I know loves Reuben sandwiches.  There is something about the mix of crunchy sauerkraut and sweet thousand island dressing that makes their mouths water.  Make them happy with this hot dog!

Chicago Style Hotdog
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Chicago Style Hot Dog

This dog isn’t exactly new to you if you have been to the Windy City and indulged in this local treat, but for the rest of you this is a MUST try recipe.  I can always skip Chicago-style pizza when I am in town, but I can never leave without having one of these hot dogs. I mean, it has a whole pickle spear on it!! How can that be bad?

Slaw Dog
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Slaw Dogs

How many times have you been eating hot dogs and coleslaw and wished you could get it all in your belly faster? Never? Ok, so for most of us the answer is, in fact, never.  But that doesn’t mean it is a bad idea!  Put the slaw on the dog and enjoy a taste sensation you never thought of creating.

California Hotdog
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California Hot Dogs

Not to be outdone by Chicago, California has their own style of hot dog.  Much like you would guess, this recipe includes avocado and sprouts.  The addition of curry powder, however, is a pleasant surprise!

Taco Hotdog
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Taco Hotdogs

Kids love hot dogs and tacos, so combine them and make them giggle with glee! This is also a good one to try if you run out of hotdog buns (or open the bread box and find some sort of moldy science experiment.)

Dog in a dog
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Dog in a Dog

Now, this one is all for the kids. If you are feeling very crafty and ambitious try making this hot dog inside a dough dog. It just might be too cute to eat.

Kimchi hotdog
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Hot Dog with Kimchi Relish

Kimchi is a Korean side dish of pickled vegetables that is considered a super food by many.  It is chock full of pro-biotics and various other vitamins and minerals.  This recipe tweaks store bought Kimchi to make it a lovely compliment for a hotdog.

Frito Hotdog
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Frito Hot Dogs

Fritos.  On a hot dog.  Need I say more?

Banh Mi Hotdog
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Banh Mi Hot Dog

A Banh Mi is a Vietnamese pork sandwich topped with carrots and cilantro. Swap out shaved pork for a hotdog and you will have a dish sure to impress.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.