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11 Gifts Every Pregnant Mom Doesn’t Know They Need

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Pregnancy inundates you with all sorts of product recommendations; almost always geared towards baby gifts. But, guess who is baby’s house for close to a year?!? YOU! Yes, the Pregnant Mom needs gifts too!

Whether you are buying for yourself or aiming to surprise a pregnant mom in your life. Let this gift guide for pregnant mamas help you find a much needed gift based on what trimester she is in right now …

Pregnant Mom and Pregnancy

First Trimester – Pregnant Mom

  • Sea-Band Mama! Nausea Relief – For just $8, every expecting mama should receive these nausea bands as a gift.
  • A new streaming service – The first trimester is often a time to hunker down and survive. And guess what can be a lovely distraction? A new streaming service! Add Hulu if you don’t have it or try Peacock or a channel add-on that has a series you might want to fly through.
  • Pregnancy Pillow – You may think that you’re fine propping and arranging the pillows you have, but trust me, your sleep is precious. Don’t delay in getting a pregnancy pillow!

Second Trimester

  • Ever Eden Golden Belly Serum – I was recently gifted this serum and it is now part of my daily routine! Such a luxurious oil to pamper my growing belly.
  • Maternity underwear – It took me four pregnancies to consider investing in maternity underwear. I mean, not essential, right? WRONG! There is nothing more comfortable than a pair of undies designed to fit a growing bump.
  • Water bottle – If you think it is important to stay hydrated now, just wait until you’re nursing. Get into the habit of guzzling water now. I’ve always loved a giant water bottle with a straw for easy, frequent sipping.

Third Trimester – Pregnant Mom

  • Robot vacuum – Cancel the effort of vacuuming and sweeping and add a robot vacuum to your home’s cleaning entourage! They’re not perfect, but they absolutely help!
  • Daily Harvest smoothies – I recently tried out Daily Harvest smoothies and am super in love! Such a great, no-brainer, healthy boost of energy when I don’t want to think through or prep a full meal. This code currently works for $25 off the first delivery.
  • Yoga ball – Position and posture are super important during the third trimester as it aligns baby for a smoother arrival. Get out of the habit of reclining in chairs and turn a yoga ball into your daily chair.

Throughout Pregnancy

  • Acupuncture – If you are new to acupuncture, let me assure you that pregnancy is a wonderful time to try out a session. Whether it be for nausea, emotional support, aches, or labor induction, acupuncture works wonders for expecting mamas.
  • Pregnancy journal + a quiet 30 minutes – As long as pregnancy can seem, it really does fly by. And, before you know it, you won’t remember what food you couldn’t live without or the baby names you had dreams about. Give yourself the gift of a pregnancy journal – a blank one or one with prompts – and 30 minutes a week to quietly reflect.

Hopefully this list of great gifts for a pregnant mom will help you out whether it’s during the holidays, for a baby shower or just for everyday.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.