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15 Cheap and Easy Costumes For The Mom Who Just Can’t Even

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Whether you’re non-planner, a last-minute hot mess, or just want to keep it simple this year, here are 15 easy and cheap Halloween costumes for moms who have bigger things to worry about (but who still want to appear “festive”):

halloween costumes for parents

Jurassic Park: The park itself, we mean. Wear a green shirt and tape some leaves to it, as well as your kids’ dinosaur toys.

costumes jurrasic park

Robber: A striped shirt, black beanie, and black gloves are all you need and you probably have most of in your closet already.

Ghost: Oldest trick in the book! Throw on a white sheet and cut eyeholes. (Throw on some undies and bra over the sheet to become a “Sexy” Sheet Ghost! Two costumes in one!)

Positivity: Put on one of those “My name is…” stickers and write, “Life.” Then carry around a bag of lemons, handing them out all night.

costumes life lemons

Identity Theft: Use those name stickers again for this costume and cover yourself in them, all with different names on them.

Mummy: Got a roll of toilet paper? Done.

Error 404: Get a white shirt and write on it: “Error 404: Costume Not Found.” Easy and catchy, huh?

costumes error

Smarty-pants: Get dressed, and then tape Smarties (candy) all over your pants. This is the best of the costumes because you can pull off the candy to hand to trick or treaters throughout the night!

Self-Portrait: Really in a hurry? Grab a frame from off the wall and take out whatever is inside. Then just carry it around all night holding it up to your face while striking a pose to go as a self-portrait.

Facebook (Or Book Face): Any The Office fans out there?

costumes book face

Nudist on strike: Wear your normal clothes and whip up a sign stating what you are. Done!

Men in Black: Perfect for guys who already have a black suit. Add sunglasses, of course.

Night-in Mom: Wear whatever you do when you Netflix-binge. Mine would be an oversized Lularoe Carly dress, no bra, and a blanket, carrying around a bag of chips.

costumes netflix

Nickelback: Attach however many nickels you want to the back of any shirt. Might only cost you up to $2.45!

Damien from Mean Girls: A hoodie, sunglasses, and a sign for one of the funniest references to a cult classic!

costumes damien

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.